If you believed Magoha and Matiang'i you are a stupid Bonobo

This year’s KCSE results vindicate the views we have held over the last three years that the Ministry of Education has been engaging in monkey business regarding student’s grades disguised as fighting cheating.

There is no proper explanation over the massive improvement this year unless the Ministry has changed its grading methodology or cheating has resumed.

We have insisted that the students have been conned for three years by being allocated raw unmoderated grades with the aim of failing them in order to chest thump that the Ministry and KNEC are tackling examination cheating.

This graph illustrates these sentiments. How will the Ministry make amends for the lives of students it has ruined with these shenanigans?
(Ephraim Njega)

cant agree more. This whole jubilee is a sham. I said it from day one. They are just in a hurry to release unmoderated results just to be seen working. They treat teachers who mark these exams like slaves

They have standardised the tail end. Cheating in the previous years since 2006 was thorough.

Yes. It is outrageous. Some people are simply devilish. I mean, why experiment with kids’ lives? wakitaka kuinua grading, wanainua. Wakitaka kushukisha, wanashukisha.
I almost went mad trying to explain the scam last year.
I ultimately came to the conclustion that it takes a certain IQ to notice/understand some things.

By the way, hata hawa wasee hupata E sio wanakuwanga mafala. It is just the way the exam is set, there are no ‘easy’ questions. It is like the system believes that some kids have to fail.
Last year, i interacted with a fella who got an E, and i soon realized that I was dealing with a reasonably intelligent fellow. Or look at mombasa government, who got D-. Yet whether you like him or not, you can’t help noticing that he is not a fool.

tell Ephraim Njenga no lives have been ruined.KCSE results have a very small impact on one’s life in this rundown country…I have facts to prove this point

Your grade tends to determine the trajectory of your life. Msee alipata A eventually becomes a doctor, starting salary at least 70k. Msee alipata D- anaandikwa kuendesha pickup kwa village, starting salary 6k. Wapi na Wapi. Unless you come from an old money family, your KCSE grade determines your life a great deal. Plus a poor grade somehow kills your confidence.

I have seen education transform families in my lifetime, a peasant family whose daughter got a sponsor to do teaching, and through that her brother got fees to repeat form four, got jab sponsorship, and now the family has some light, a hope, a future. In the last four years over 1.6 million students had their marks lowered, and will never access university or technical colleges. Over 1.6 million students had less than C- in the last 4 years. Their futures have been destroyed completely.

But our leaders tell us technical education is the deal. Yet the reality is that technical people in kenya don’t earn anything. Those guys unaonanga kibera, kawangware, mukuru, kiambiu etc, all have technical skills (masonry, carpentry, electrical – hao ndio wamejenga hii nairobi) yet they are very poor.

It can be argued that the students who made it to Campo will possibly have a bright future, no guarantees though.

But for those who didn’t qualify to Campo, went to colleges for their diplomas and certificates, their path in life could be harder. The system is not in their favour. They really have to work harder (than uni graduates) to make it in this life. It works for some, because others end up being millionaires/billionaires and this is where the famous ‘watu wa D wanaandika kazi Watu wa A’ slogan came From.

And sure as hell, every parent want their kid to come out with an A, but when it doesn’t work out you/they think of an alternative…

Lol. One can easily tell a remark of a rich kid.
An A student easily gets admission on JAB whereby annual fees for a college program are less than 30,000 annually which can easily be bridged by a simple HELB LOAN. Accommodation for JAB students at UoN is something like 5,000 shillings a year. Basically, with 35,000 shillings annually(which I can easily obtain from HELB), I have paid for both Tuition fee and Accommodation.

A parallel course for medicine at UoN for example is close to 500k annually on TUITION FEE alone!! Accommodation has to be sort externally where most parallel students spend at least 10k monthly i.e. 120k on accommodation. It is safe to say, without good grades, some careers would BE TOTALLY OUT OF REACH for someone from a modest family.

I know if it was not for my good grades personally, I wouldn’t be where I am today because parallel was out of the question for me. Education isn’t everything but it is the best bet someone can take on themselves.