If you are a single mum or planning to be one watch this


Hatuwezi sikilia single mathas huruma cause they are what they attract.

Single father hatasumbui. Kilia mtu na hali yake


Majority are sweet talked into it by men who have not married them. They never look at what the lives of the women who already feel for the lies looks like. The first Lady is a sex worker, you know that you done hit rock bottom when a sex worker advises you.

Women want those guys you keep trashing here. They want those men. I told you Tuju and Wetangula’s wives preferred broke crook’s dick to vanilla dick. I have warned chicks I was dating that she must avoid being a single mother if she wanted to get married later. If I give her hints on good marriageable guys they are all dismissed as boring.

The next thing I see is a huge belly and crying a river ati she was conned by a guy. Ati she was drunk etc etc.yet she was living with him in her house! Next thing, she has two kids! Halafu she is asking me to hook her up with a good guy?! What good guy? No man wants to be a cuck.

Women are not stupid. There is a good reason why they want to breed with those particular types of men.

Women can’t understand objective Truth ,so hii video ya kapantie haitawasaidia