If you are a Kenyan in USA, you are better off marrying from your own tribe

Inter-tribal marriages work in Kenya, however in USA they integrate very fast.
Kangethe an upcoming businessman would have been better off marrying from Banana Hill afanye biashara na mkikuyu mwenzake. With pussy scarcity in US, each tribe is very quick in claiming its own females immediately they arrive at the airport.

But Kangethe & Mbitu are BOTH Kikuyus

Mbitu ni mkamba


Hata kwa Mumbi kuna Mbitu pia

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Exactly, hata mimi nashangaa…She is Margaret Wanjiru Mbitu

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names are shared brother. nduta is shared between kambas and kikuyus. maina is shared between kisiis and kikuyus. okongo is shared by kisiis and luos.

Every family in luhyialand has a maina…Otieno and Omondi are also very popular huku western

I stand corrected. Back to my content, is Kenyans intermarrying across Kenyan tribes common in Yues? . Most Kenyans I meet in US are married within their tribes

When you are in the West relatives and friends have this habit of trying to find you a wife. Utasubuliwa kila wakati

Its very rare.Most kenyans i know usually come back here wanachukua bibi anarudi nayo yues.Madem wako yues wenye wako family oriented also always ask their relas to connect them to good men from their tribes who are willing to relocate and marry them and be well behaved.They go as far as being willing to pay the ticketsetc.Inter marrying is very rare.Also culture shock hits the kenyans hard.They cant cope with the causcasians and mexicans.African americans hate them to death.from personal experience intermarriages only work well here.Out there across the atlantic everyone moves i to their tribal cocoon.a cuzo was introduced to a beautiful kuyo girl here in kenya.Came here and did a low key wedding didnt even invite us.Moved back to yues with the kuyo wife.After two monhs anaona kuyo wife ako na umbita ina grow.Kufanya tests she is five months pregnant.And they did a weddig and relocated only two konths ago hajamwaga ndani.Hivyo ndio wali divorce.But for her the objectives of relocating and her kid being an american citizen have been met.
Such things have continued to deepen the mistrust between tribes thats why mtu anaenda yues would rather come back here and get a kienyeji to go back with and sire kids.