If water is made up of 2 atoms of hydrogen & 1 atom of oxygen, then why can't we manufacture water?

A: We can! Here is a giant water-making machine in action, making 1.8 tons of artificial water every second:
At this moment, 200 kg hydrogen and 1600 kg oxygen is mixed every second in a combustion chamber and ignited. This creates a lot of thrust, and you get super-superheated water vapour as exhaust.
The problem is mostly where to get the oxygen and hydrogen from. As it happens, it’s super-easy: all you need is electricity and water:

Water prenure best of luck. Pesa husumbua

Getting it naturally is cheaper

Making water from Hydrogen and Oxygen needs tremendous amounts of energy.

You can Oxygen from the air by fractional distillation or chemically by breaking down oxides. Egg and chicken problem

These methods come at hand especially now when the horn of Africa is facing a dryspell and famine

Is Dasani water a joke to you?

Niaje kipii


Dasani water is a joke. Grange park, aquamist, quencher

Not mentioning microplastics

Making water this way will cost you 5 times importing water from Athi River to Moyale. Ask yourself how much a tank of Hydrogen costs. And a tank of oxygen.

Ok Einstein, so to get the elements for manufacturing water, you get electricity and water(???). Then, you collect hydrogen and oxygen as per your illustration, which you’ll then combine to make water?

No wonder our proudest achievement is the BJ50

Expensive,small things like this make you appreciate God, we get it for free while a process like this cost billions. The same applies to oxygen, sunlight, soil, our body

Here’s another way of doing it.


Just put it this way.

Separating Oxygen and Hydrogen from water requires electricity the opposite of this produces electricity and steam, that is the basics of a fuel cell

We care about macro plastics you moron

Na Nairobi Water

How do you make oxygen

Hydrogen gas does not exist freely in the atmosphere because of obvious reasons and hydrogen production is costly. Hydrogen obtained from fossil fuels, industrial electrolysis, biomass fermentation haiwezi tumika kutengeza a cheap product kama maji. Hiyo ni kama kutumia palladium kuunda mangoto na mawaya za 500 bob.