‘If Voting Made a Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It’

That is the truth. Citizens are just pawns. They are slaves whose sole purpose is to generate taxes to feed the fat cats.

Elections are predetermined in boardrooms not at polling stations, your work as a citizen is just formality. Go queue for hours and sometimes get killed shortly after the elections while the fat CUNTs hide in their leafy suburbs under armed guard.

Unajaribu kusema nini elder …

In serious states elections mean something but in banana republics they don’t.

It’s not as simple and straightforward as you have alluded. I can tell you for free that for the small tier electoral positions votes cast matter 100%. The only grey area is the presidential ellections. Take Kenya’s recent by elections as a case study. If the ‘fat cats’ could manipulate small by elections they could have easily won in Kiambaa.

Here is where you go wrong. The fat cats wanted Ruto to grow fat for slaughter. If they really wanted the seat they would have won it!