If this was my Last Day

I dedicate these words to my casket,
For putting all hope in lifes basket,
By now im pale,
Death is no ordinary ail,
My heart has stopped,
My tears are mopped,
Im turned into Ashes,
Proof that everything passes,
From Life itself, Death is Bourne,
Unfortunately its fate once your Born,
Your Time too will Come,
Ever since your journey began,
What will you have become?
Do you Fail in Life, or Life fails you?
Are you even sure which is True,
Or your stuck in a false reality without a Clue,
You need to Figure it out before your time is due,
& when you do, Live Life before you Leave Life!

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. - Martin Luther.

usijiweke kamba tafathali

nice poem

If today was my last day I would probably do my neighbors wife. Where I live there is a woman who dresses very suggestively.

Huyu anataka kujitia kamba he is too far gone

where do we go when we die ?

if you spent your life dry frying, you will fry in hell