if this was a corporation, how long would it survive?

Imagine if you were running a company and half of all income, including loans, went to pay employees. You would either downsize or fire the managment.


BBI will cure this. The counties will get 35% of the remaining half, ama namna gani ma’fens?

Moses Kuria is neither here nor there.

what if i wrote the same quote without moses kuria name or face. Will your puny brain finally grasp this basic concept of not spending more than you make?

Ojingas generally pretend that they care abut debt, stealing, corruption, tribalism. But they don’t. They just care about Odinga

Yes, the message is as good as the author. Doesn’t your punny brain grasp this basic messaging concept?

The context changes. The concept remains the same. Moses Kuria sometimes is the hunter, and sometimes is the hunted, depending where he is eating from.

Yet he is among the top cream of the 1 million govt employees earning more than a million Keshs per month and handling a kitty worth 100 million