if this parents are the ones who sired those kids, no wonder they were dumb as rocks


This made me sad. Am sure someone recorded the incident kwa simu. If I had the power I would just look for one parent, torture him/her to give me names of the rest and then have them all beheaded. It would solve nothing but they indeed deserve a painful death and to set an example.

Dont be so sad. This lady was a savage
Police now say dead teacher was suspect in torture case | Nation

Police have so far ruled out the possibility of parents’ fury over examination failure at the school she taught as the motive of the cold blooded murder and were pursuing leads that the teacher may have been involved in an extortion ring.
According to Mutito police boss Consaga Malasi, a report was made at Endau Police Station by a 30-year-old man last week, who alleged that he was abducted and tortured inside the teacher’s house in Makuka village on New Year’s Eve.
Mr Malasi told the Nation that the plaintiff, identified as Mutiso Mulwa, recorded a statement on January 2, complaining that the teacher lured him to her house where he was tortured for hours by a group of men.
The police version was collaborated by the teacher’s husband Mr Mbindi Ndolo, who said he was not surprised by the turn of events and that he had received numerous complaints of people tortured in his home.
The man who works in Nairobi said their marriage was on the rocks and at some point he had to seek police protection from the extortion gang which was threatening him but decided to keep off from the home fearing for his safety.
“I was threatened by the guy who was cohabiting with Daisy and I got many complaints from people including my friends who were victims of the extortion ring. I reported the matter at Endau Police Station on September 14, 2019” Mr Ndolo said.

:D:D:D:D…hii luring ni ile unaambia ukuje ukute vitu then saa saba mandume zinakukutilia?

The narrative changed…I read the same thing @Simiyu22 has posted in chats from some whatsapp group.

Vile Deputy Governor wa Kirinyanga alifanywa akakituliwo…and the guy is still in office.


Alikuwa na hii kitu

Liz Njuguna

Kuweni serious. How is this potbellied black middle aged woman with a crooked smile luring anyone. Those lowbrained loosers made up the story to save face


The husband collaborated. He said it had been happening to different men Uko ocha shes Miss World Kenya by her looks.

Hii ni uongo. Labda he ordered the hit on her. Hii kesi isichukuliwe kijokes