If this isn't rock bottom, I don't know what is

I don’t despair easily. I have seen better days. A little advice could go a long way.

You will come out of this. Don’t give up

You are stating the obvious. I’m here for me, not them. If you think asking for advice is bitching, good for you

Some of us are situational bachelors, due to our professions.
But don’t worry all of us were once there, it’s a stage not a destination.

I don’t think you should measure yourself against someone else’s scale.

Ever been so nagged beyond normal man’s tolerance? Businesses dead and you are a deadbeat yourself? Stop this worries @Fauzia

That’s me in my mid twenties, except no minimum wage, I didn’t clear college, mimi ndio nilikuwa nafungua base mtaani, making the right choices now will matter later on in life

What choices did you make?

I’m more worried about being broke than being a bachelor. I’m a bachelor by choice. I’ve got to get my money right first before getting kids I can’t feed.

Work on improving your financial situation and the rest will fall in place.
One thing you must know brokenesss and friendships rarely go hand in hand.
There are very few genuine friends who will stick by you kama hauna kakitu.
Make the money and you won’t have to worry about friends.

dont give up weka bidiii

I’m looking for a strong young man to help me deliver goods to different parts of the city can you do that? If you can you have yourself a job if you can’t then hapo siwezi kukusaidia

30k isn’t minimum wage. As a fresh graduate (read after tarmacking for like one year) my first salo was 35k gross. Deduct tax, NHIF NSSF helb, rent, transport,food, bado unaitishwa nyumbani… Sijamake it bado but vumilia work consistently maisha itakuja. Attitude yako ndio kila kitu.

@purple,is that you?

Are you looking for just one young, strong male to deliver ‘the package’ or can that opening accommodate another young male?
…all jokes aside, as an unashamed peasant, I am always looking for ways to add an extra ugali to my plate.

As I am currently in a position that is advantageous to the delivering of packages…

Wasee wanaangalia class yako ( lower , upper?)ama degree ni degree tu?

niaje cretin ghassia

Kwa field yangu degree na performance kazini. But entry level utapata wengi wakiangalia class. Jobs mingi hupatikana through referrals

Hio kazi ni kama umepita interview. Pewa yenyewe

This is the story of most youth in kenya… You are a whiner. For me my mantra is: YOU GET WHAT YOU GET AND YOU DON’T GET UPSET… and to VIEW SUCCESS AND FAILURE AS THE SAME THING.

It’s like a prisoner who finds home in kamiti and is satisfied and happy. I ascribe to stoicism with a bit of nihilism