If the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so


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In his first public remarks since the beginning of the Russia probe, special counsel Robert Mueller said, “[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]If we had had confidence that the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” Mueller also announced his resignation from the Department of Justice.

[CENTER]A massive rain-wrapped tornado touched down west of Kansas City, Kan., on Tuesday, injuring at least 12 people. The large and dangerous twister is part of a stretch of severe weather across the central and southern plains that has left destruction in its wake.

Should showing compassion toward migrants be a crime? The U.S. government is prosecuting an Arizona man who left food and water in the desert for migrants, as well as a Texas city official who stopped to help an ill migrant on the side of the road.

"We’re not being paranoid,” the Department of Homeland Security says in a video warning that drones manufactured in China pose a security risk. The video states drones pose threats, including "their potential use for terrorism” and “corporate espionage.”[/CENTER]

  1. aliambia hao mafala hatarajii kuitwa hapo tena wasome report.
  2. aiding and abetting

mueller keeps contradicting himself [MEDIA=twitter]1133752242631335937[/MEDIA]

When is Trump going to jail ?

AFTER Ruto and team

Wapi wale pati pati ,no evidence no collusion sijui what.trump mwenyewe amesema crimes were committed but evidence was not beyond reasonable doubt.he forgets when it comes to public office that’s unacceptable.a little suspicion and u step down to clear ur name.

Haha Trump is the best president ever, he will keep them on toes hadi wachoke

Mnafiki mkubwa wewe!!! Why doesn’t the same wisdom ooze when it comes to Uhuru na naibu wake Ruto. Kuwa thuraku kweli is a full time job.

Unanimistake na Nani?

He’s setting a pace for after his presidency what will follow. But for now he said the only option is impeachment proceeding and he said it. “There are legal ways of dealing with this situation”