If The Living Standards Of Africa Were To Improve, The Living Standards Of The West Would GREATLY Decline. Africa Has To Be Impoverished By All

That is the simple truth. Every economic policy drafted by the World Bank, EU, US or China is designed PURPOSELY NOT to improve the living standards of Africans but to sink them deeper into debt and reliance from the West/China.

Without Africa Europe and The USA would be paupers. France steals Uranium from West Africans (MALI) and does its mining using crude methods that expose residents to the dangerous ores. China has taken over Zambia and will also take over Kenya among others.

It is time to develop nuclear weapons like North Korea did and keep these pests at bay.

Africa contributes 3% to global trade.

Let’s not kid ourselves with these navel gazing fantasies that we somehow are useful for the west.

Also, 90% of global financial flows are reinvested in developed and middle income countries.

Asia, Europe, and North America ndio kusema. The data says it all.

Hizo figures zako ni propaganda.

Oil 12% Comes from Africa

Is this the 3% that you are talking about.


There’s no denying Africa contributes a lot to the gobal economy but some of these figures need to be updated. I know for a fact Australia produces more gold than any African country. South Africa is no longer even in the top ten worldwide. China has been leading on this for quite sometime now

Update: Top 10 Gold Producing Countries

Russia now leads when it comes to diamond production.

Diamond reserves worldwide by country 2022 | Statista .

France might be a scummy country no doubt, but the French are considering to import more Uranium from Kazakhstan instead of Niger. Fact!

Kazakhstan is the biggest producer of Uranium in the world anyway, and given that it’s a stable country than Niger, I don’t see why the French need to deal with such instability. Moreover, it is way more cheap to import Kazakh Uranium than one from Niger.

Africans are seriously deluded thinking that the world owes them for simply having resources.

Even China is importing much of it’s Uranium from Kazakhstan because its much more convenient.

What China and France do with the Uranium is what makes them ultimately rich.

Bonobos zinaonanga tu chenye inatoka kwa mines pekee. They can’t think beyond that

Also @Ndindu where do you suggest we build our nuclear power plants as they need massive bodies of water for cooling. Maybe south Africa since they’re the only guys who have some sort of experience with that. But bonobos have taken over the country now so that won’t work. Honestly with our incompetent governments I shudder to think what would happen if we had nuclear weapons. Tunaeza achwa kama Chernobyl.

I said in terms global trade. Africa contributes almost 3% … Minerals won’t and will never make Africa rich.

Minerals ni mingi Africa lakini akili za Africans ni kama za Zebu. Kama hata basic coffee and cocoa hatuwezi kuongeza value ni Minerals tutaweza ku convert to finished products.

mwafrica ni wild animal 98% only 2% yake ni Homo sapiens.

usionee omuafrika sana.
hata kwa wazungu, kila mtu hapana ma professor. its just a few leading the pack

We should stop thinking that money is wealth and start focusing on real wealth (na sio mashamba pekee), if we do this utaona watu wakiutilize hizo minerals.
Money is only supposed to be a means of tread but tunashinda tukikopa everywhere ndio tulipia vitu tuko navyo na wachache waweke bank na chini ya mattress.

very little comes from africa but ignoramus like you will claim everything is african. how much has been shipped to china or US from your home district in the last one decade? is the poverty there caused by uranium looting from congo or mali?

Africans will be slaves until they wake up…


African minerals make OTHERS rich