If Senate Reinstates Waititu Will It Be Right With The People Of Kiambu? I Guess Not. Punda Wamechoka

Today is D Day for Gov Waitina. After looting Billions and channeling those funds to companies owned by very close relatives Kiambu voters decided to the fvcker the door. Now he is tying to come back to office through the backdoor. But knowing how resilient Kiambu people are I guess this scambag will have a very difficult time in office should he be cleared by the Senate.

Waiting with bated breath…

Nothing will happen. He’ll be back in office to loot, Kiambu residents will continue with life and he will likely lose in 2022.

I like the Waitina name:D. Hikio kifathe kyetu kitaenda home in 2022. Kiambu wamama are not resilient. They fukuzad Kabogo. They politic too much kwa chamas. How dare he disrespect us like that? depositing our money in his daughter’s account!