If Ruto Wins... If Raila Wins

If RAILA wins, he should thank UHURU
If RUTO wins, he should thank MARAGA

The people Raila should thank are the plain Nilotes (Turkana etc) and other communities who are marginalised like the Somali who have always been voting for him despite heavily financed campaigns by Ruto and former Uhuru

They have always voted…

WSR did very well in those areas

Now compare what it took for them to vote for Raila or Ruto (and the former Uhuru). You’d be surprised the amount of money Ruto and Uhuru had to fork out to get some scrappy votes over there whereas for Rails in some places he never even stepped foot campaigning

@King Gellegan IV I agree, but that’s because those were traditionally RAO strongholds.

And when you say marginalised, how much money has been availed per capita to those areas compared to regions like Kiambu?

The day these areas challenge the county governments to accountability, they’ll realize they can easily reverse effects of historical marginalisation.

Problem is that everyone likes to fight the big bad wolf in the sky, avoiding the wolf eating food in their kitchen

no. ruto did not do very well in those areas. raila has an absolute majority of votes in turukana and all the three woria counties.