If only she had restrained this burning desire she would not have walked into the trap

Truphosa Modi first saw the post on buying land in a Facebook investment group she subscribes to.Members of the group were talking about the best financial decisions to make before one hits 30. The members were unanimous in their decision: “Buy land and watch it appreciate”.

They were sharing their experiences on places outside Nairobi where people with low income jobs have saved and bought land. The narratives solidified the “grass to grace stories” where people were pushed by the desire to own homes and decided to buy land. “The post had more than 1,000 comments of people sharing experiences and urging one another on why land should be their first investment,” she says.

A feeling of inadequacy crept inside her. The more she read stories of people younger than her talking about how they had bought land immediately after college, she was convinced she needed her…READ MORE



Buying and selling land for the purpose of making profit was lucrative some years ago. As of now the economy is unstable, retrenchments day and night, the middle class have mortgage and the bank is on there neck. People have no disposal income. Recently properties are being advertised all over to improve on sales but nothing significant is happening. if one is buying land, they should be certain of what they want to do with it.buying land so that you sell after 10yrs to make profit is a medieval way of making money and it’s not worth it whatsoever.

Buying land is no longer a lucrative business. You can only buy for developing or settling.