if only money could buy life

He would be an enigma were he not so evil. It’s believed most of the tribal clashes in the Rift Valley where so many people lost their lives and property were instigated by him to help Moi retain power.

Eish…the man…the enigma…the hekaya

Lakini umesoma mahali, most loyal confidantes wanakuwanga ready and willing to take the blame and the consequences/repercussions that might follow, just to protect the leader…you never know…

So much was said of this guy and most of it tuliamini when we were growing up. It was even said that Biwott wouldnt allow anyone from Keiyo to board a plane and go abroad for further studies. Upuzi mtupu! Kerio valley is second after Kericho when it comes to profs in the RV. I even believed he murdered Ouko. It’s only now that an NTV documentary is alleging that Ouko might have been done in by a Step brother. Lakini hio mali yote alisanya ya nini sasa na venye vijana wanaikunywa kukunywa? There’s another fella who seems to have learnt from Totalman as far as wealth accumulation is concerned. May be he thinks/knows money is power, ama namna gani my fren?

@jaymoh btw uko na kaumama fulani sio poa.hio title ya hii thread ni kusema kama angekuwa maskini angeishi forever ama ??

The ending, I saw what you did there.

Niaje @fala

Total man

so we have kenyan ranchers in Aussie as well

All these companies and money in just 20 years?? How much was he stealing per year? And people here are saying he was just a smart businessman.
Before he died, i guess he thought about the troubles he went through in order to corruptly acquire all this and wished he never did.

I heard that managers in all his companies were either Indians or wazungu, yeye hapana tambua ngozi nyeusi

Unfortunately,money can not buy life. Maybe,prolong it. For a while.

leta hizo hekaya

chezea chini kiddo. them days there was no www to check out stuff. And yes the intelligence was pathetic and ruthless. stuff even Hollywood cannot make up.

Ikr. @Okiya kuja umueleze what “Jealous People’s Proverbs” mean

I honestly believe it was not admiration nor envy. This was a time where people couldn’t mention the name Moi. Now perception was that Moi was a saint compared to total man.

Read the Troon Report if you don’t believe Biwott fired the bullet. And why did Moi stop the Commision of Inquiry.


More like 35 years. He had an underhand in All the government construction projects.

I dont care who killed Ouko, whether it was biwott or his step bro or troon. Those are issues which dont affect my life in any way way now

1979-2002 when NARC took over. About 22 years.