If Mudavadi Is Worth Ksh 4 Billion Then Ngina Kenyatta Is Worth USD 3 Billiion

I guess pia kuoa one wife imemsaidia. Zero grazing. The wealth stays in one place.

Kama angoea akina Kui or a mzungu from the streets of EU, ndio angejua hajui. Angalia Mukisa, Musikari Kombo, Noah Wekesa, Kijana Wamalwa, Davis Nakitare…




Madvd ni second heir. Shida ya wakenya wantaka kucompete na watu Kama hao. Imefanya jambazi sugu to loot in every corner

politicians wa siku izi wanataka watoshane na mtu alikuwa waziri wakiwa 3 years,

This one is one of the biggest land owners in Trans Nzoia. Together with his son former tennis star Paul Wekesa, they are among the heavy users on Eldoret Airport in flower export.

Women… most are polygamous.
Also, Luhya electorate are very dependent on their leaders. Every morning unaamka there are 500 people waiting for you na shida mbali mbali personal (School fees, ugonjwa, njaa etc). Salary is not enough to sustain this.
External family dependency. Unaeza jikuta unasomesha watoto 20 wa relatives and living with 10 others ukiwasaidia kutafuta job.
Four, Luhyas generally are not business savy, and fear risks. They get contented with an assured salo, that explains why one would rather be a watchie for 10k a month than be a hawker or a mkokoteni puller which is likely to fetch more though uncertain.
Most Luhya leaders ni waoga kuingia scandals and that is where politicians make money. We really tried to push Eugene Wamalwa while at Devolution atuachie NYS III dude is a chicken. That’s another one who will soon join the statistics of broke Luhya politicians.

Lakini Bado anakuliwa bibi…
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I guess you know he was also a useless painter struggling in Vienna. He was rejected as a painter at the university and told to try architecture. In 1946, his sister Paula blamed the university for traumatizing his brother and told them to take responsibility for all that Hitler did!

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His useless paintings became valuable because he bacame the fuhrer

Hahahaha… Am not talking about his paintings, naongelea his art collections which was looted from the jew community

All those married whites? What a loss. Even the Bent Officer ?

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