If Mudavadi Is Worth Ksh 4 Billion Then Ngina Kenyatta Is Worth USD 3 Billiion

If a small scale thief such as Mudavadi can accumulate property worth Ksh 4 Billion Then grand thief Mama Ngina is a dollar Billionaire

Mudavadi ni dynasty. His father was SOMEBODY. Usifikirie ameanza zero.

Lie of the year

Mama wa kiambu Ako worth 5 trillion shillings , making 50 million daily on a slow day.

Bonobo ndindu mudavadi is worth more than four billion

Nilishangaa siku moja nikiwa Eldoret pale past annex kuambiwa over 200 acres fenced land full of eucalyptus ni za madvd right in the heart of Eldoret alipewa na Moi

I know the place. Shamba kubwa sana in a prime place.

Yes hapo karibu na Ngeria

Meanwhile Martin Shikuku left nothing, acquired next to nothing. Yet he was an MP before Kenyatta himuselef.

Same for Bifwoli, kijana wamalwa, bullfighter etc.

Adolf Hitler na Stalin waliwacha gapi?

Those fuckers and akina Mao were nationalists to the core and their preoccupation was to make their respective nations great.
You can’t be in a great power competition and you are preoccupied by tu quarter acre

leo umeamulia waluhyia kwa kila thread

Hitler alikuwa tajiri his paint collection was the most expensive in the whole world, he had amassed a lot of money from the sale of his book Mein Kampf. His whole wealth aliwachia The Bavarian city. Google about Hitlers Wealth and Will utapata story yote.

You’re surprised a Goldenberg original, former KANU VP and Finance minister has 5 billion shillings?

Si you know @patco. Waluhya na Wajaluo are his kryptonite.

So confirmed?


MaDvd is a second generation heir

Hata huyu Caleb unaeza pata ni tenant na kadudu. Where do luhyas take their money???

Sio Chacop Juma. Hata Weta unaeza pata… na vile amekula pesa ya gold. Also if you visit a Luhya leader’s office theres always a line of people from the village with needs.

Huwa napita hiyo place tizi na mountain bike. Hapo ndio nilikuja kujua kumbe madvd is a very wealthy man and apparently very smart as we have seen recently.