If Marijuana & Khat =Weight Loss

I have noticed that partakers of the above stimulants have disctinctive features one bieng skinny… If one decides to boil marijuana and drink the juice for a limited period… Or blend muguka leaves and partake of the concotion will it lead to weight loss… Asking for a buddy he is willing to try out of the box methods for weightloss…

miraa or goks reduces appetite to the level that you can survive on one loaf of bread for a week. Handas kushika uitiwe hata truffles huwes tema. hapo ndio weightloss inaingilia.

The side effect or bad thing is that he/she will be left trying to nurse addiction

Hehe… MaryJane and weight-loss

To a weed hapo…weed huwa catalyst ski master ya any…so kama.ni mse was kudishi kisha unachapa blunt …will.end up like me you can’t eat without smoking first but also excessively eat after smoking…Jana nimechapa food most naamka na kitchen imejaa biriani to chicken take outs and viposho za bhajia kunde na maandazi this all happened between 6.00 and today morning

There’s this guy who used to hawk Kahawa Tungu for 10 Bob only in Dagoretti Corner, he used to spike it with marijuana. I miss that coffee. Damn!

I wouldnt advise weed,that shit after smoking you can eat like a pig.

How come smokers like wiz, snoop and locally abbas kubaff are skinny…

The brain perceives food, drugs and sex in the same way. So, go figure…

you can not get the THC out through boiling…

Aende pale mlolongo aombe job ya kuload sand. They won’t charge.

Jamaa hatafuti kazi…

thirty minutes enaf…hapo kurusha shovel moja ndani ya TATA tipper mafuta inang’oka rate ya 1kg per hour…

Ama kupasua mbao na ile saw inashikwa na watu wawili. Very tiresome.



Handass ni iko ndani ya mogoka.

A friend of mine ate a full chicken that had only been part boiled for the family’s supper.
Than his sister found him nyemeleaing the cat with a knife.
Ubao ulizidi.

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Hio mambo ya fren apana, you and your pet tortoise grow weed in the backyard.

before he learnt how to transfer the madness on to paper :eek::smiley: