If Malema is red, which color will Mmusi be?


If Malema is red, which color will Mmusi be? :slight_smile:

I try to Google online but cannot find the answers. Can anyone help? Thank you very much.



So true…

Ask @Mosa!


Na admin Ulisema bado una vet umeffi ya NV?

Blue. Party colours for DA is blue.

Thank you very much, but why others are unfriendly,
What did I do wrong? I do not understand, maybe forum does not allow outlander to post,
I do not know much about Kenya’s online culture.

you are goddamn right.clap for yourself phantom 4

you are one of those who think Africa’s one big country?

Now go and tell Malema.

I think he is Chinese

It’s just an initiation process to scare away trolls. Stick around if you are tough enough. They’ll come around

You had some posting on some techincal drones which was OK, but not this, just learn bro, take time and watch how guys post.

This is a problem that I encountered when registering in another forum. In fact, I do not know what it means, so consult here…
Then it happened so mucho_O

Thank you, I will try.

Ignore them, they just dont understand what Mmalema or Mmusi or meffi is. I also don’t.

Kenya and south Africa are two separate countries. People dont like it when you confuse the two. It’s like calling a Chinese Japanese

Sorry, this is too embarrassing, how can I delete this post?

[SIZE=5]seat here and wait,one meffi is coming to show you how[/SIZE]