Now,now an illegitimate ‘govt’ is busy taking people to Kikuyu police stations because they knw theyre powerless in non kikuyu areas and even police can not withstand the power of the people in non Jubilee zones. Enyewe wacha Unye aendelee kurarua cv, infact as NRM we are really happy, no more the humble president now the whole world has seen who is Kamwana including Ruto amewekwa bench. Hehe! A whole week TV stations off ? In which country? Anyway, endelea endelea. But what we know is that Uhuru Kenyatta is not my president. My president can never do the things Ive seen this month alone. Leave a true legacy atleast - let the whole nation know the real dictator he is.


Uhunye should also move the state house to Githunguri

Kwani ii phd huwa unasomea ni ya kuuza kuma???Runda is in Kiambu thats why Migui Migui was detained at Lari

Lkn ata kaaa nikuwa makende ya mtu get your facts straight @Georgina ikennde



Githunguri and Lari ni wapi ww mshenzi? This is the proof that Kunye sion president ya kila mtu only Kiyuk otherwise why take NRM members to cells za Kiambu ? Hata Matiangi haoni hio ikiwa weird?


Matiangi tick tock tick tock …you’re on the clock unangojwa[ATTACH=full]155002[/ATTACH]

Ni venye umeni-block ningekutusi.

If you support what these guys you have posted their videos are saying…spewing hatred and name calling other public servants…then you must be really sick in the head

Idle threats … Arrest Raila then tutajua ww ni Minister Of Interior Decoration


Sick in the head ni mamako, if you dont like what I post just hit ignore button,you stupid sycophant ngojea huyo mwizi wenu awe president 2022 you will buy unga at 300 ndio utajua hamuko pamoja


Al of these is Meffi in my eyes:confused::confused:

But wait you wanted ashikwe kiambu county but apelekwe nyanza county coz he is a supporter of NMR militia …think

Think? So why move him around? From Lari to Githuguri, are you even fearing NRM in a kikuyu stronghold. If youre really in control why arrest then keep fleeing from one place to the other so that NRM supporters can not get the location of the person? Arent police the ones with the power ? What are they afraid of? If really they are man enuff let them take a suspect to one place and hold him there not running away. These are classic signs of illegitimacy and forcing power when you lack the mandate of the people.

They can but there will be more bloodshed
you see the problem is not Raila but his advisers
in such scenarios you dont hit the head, hit the base and watch as the tree start squeaking

It’s past 3pm and the buffoon was to be taken to court before 2pm.
Has it happened?

EEeerrr to avoid bloodshed
why risk the lives of brainwashed people and most of these zombies live in slums
…and when one dies their families be like serikal saidia
if that is what to takes to be man enuff wacha ikae

Wondering the same amidst all this yapping.