If Ktalk was a TV station

This is how it would be.

5:00am- Afrojiri Sacco by Afro.

5:05am- Flower of the day by gashwin

7:00-9am- Sabina Joy presentation by Peter Mollis.

10am- Analysis of nani amewahi kamua hii by various presenters.

11am- Nice lodging with extras Q&A session

12 noon- This is guka rants by FCP

1pm-3pm- safesheni mecho by Digi

4pm- Drumf blunders. Led by lead panelist nattydread.

5pm- Uko wapi na unakunywa nini by Cotedivoire

6pm- The earth is flat by various.

7-8pm- commentaries by various talkers on safisheni mecho and Nani amewahi kamua hii programmes.

9pm- Fetish Late night poll with Cotedivoire

10pm- Usiku Sacco by Meria Mata

Kuna kipindi nimewacha?

Kabat Time by @Kimakia

  • Chokosh wars by none other than @Motokubwa @130kgs.

8.30 AM Lamentation time - the state of the ailing economy by various whiners.

  • Samantha Bridal Flower Show by Gashui.

Figsed. :smiley:

business analysis by okiya

Gunia Wiki hii by Archibald Nicodemus.

umesahau daily AOB by Upepo…
Mod chronicles by Admin, Ma-feerings & kendemosi

late night pole

Ati mods? Hao huongea na watu kweli?

A date with a single mum

kupigana msitari, kungoa posts, na ile part ya KendeMosi vs looto na Purple vs Okis

[COLOR=rgb(255, 255, 255)]figsed

@gashwin Comes in to give the State of The Nation report

Umesahau the rexximba show-She’s not a slut ,she just loves deek.

Sports Arsenali tunauwa nyoka by @uwesmake

Rexximba show = Ratchet Show… The only place you find the ratchets in the city

Very humorous :D:D:D:D

Mods Roundtable - head panelist Idi Admin - trending Siberia.

“Sis time” - by Mrs Shosho