If KenyaTalk ever bores you...

Or its too insular with too many recursive jokes or find it annoying that every thread gets derailed into matusi or slicetalk, or godforbid ever KTalk dies or you just want to experience a different Kenyan forum, visit Reddit.com/r/kenya.

There less activity over there but at least it does not revolve around a few personalities and tabia za matusi kwa wadau wenzako hazijakithiri.

It is also anonymous and the muundo msingi of the site is better.

Other parts of the site will also satisfy your other curiosities.

This is not an ad for reddit. I’ve been here for a month and all threads are the just one migrating conversation.

Meffi wewe na reddit yako

Like you said, the posts on Reddit are brilliant but the comments! Oh the comments!! Everybody is trying to outdo each other with word plays, exaggerated sarcasm and puns and hence it becomes unoriginal and repetitive… Heri apa utaambiwa meffi or keti pale

Keti pale…--------------->
learn how to insert links in your threads first

Hio reddit is not as interesting as ktalk


There is the punning and memes but not on r/Kenya.

I often find navigating Reddit to be rather cumbersome though I check it out once in a while. Recently followed a link there from dailymail that revealed some rather funny stuff:



How kind of you. Even as a NV sikupewa kiti. Thanks !

Yes I’m in but kisungu kila wakati siwezani I last visited last year.

Reddit is awesome. I tried suggesting and took it upon myself to create a sub for this site but no one subscribed. Twitter was once awesome, till KOT invaded it. Hopefully, reddit itabaki vile ilivyo.

Hilarious thread.

[SIZE=6]will try reddit hapa , admins wamesha fura kichwa kama Klist had post deleted inspite of marking it 18+ plus it was just a link [/SIZE]

Matusi ni muhimu.
Kwanza hili neno ‘meffi’ has a way of levelling everything.

did you read njoki chege’s article about kot? she was right on the mark.
i can’t stand twitter because it has several “experts” and “analysts” who think because they have 100 followers they’re very important opinion leaders.

Follow profiles which are of interest to you.

KOT isn’t the only thing on twitter.

Mpende msipende KOT is the place you’ll find smartest ideas on how to move Kenya forward. They are also more influential that any cartel controlled media house. Its a free forum no need to get mad over opinion.

I love KOT. The only place I can see people like Jacob Juma do their thing. R.I.P JJ.