if Kenya builds a dry port in Voi

This will make the Port of Dar vastly irrelevant in Northern Tanzania because a modern MSA Port with a faster turnaround time and quick evacuation of cargo will result in more Tanzanian cargo going through Mombasa.

Now I know why the Voi-Taveta road was rebuilt after many years of neglect. Watu Wa Taita, be ready for economic boom in your county.

Maghufuli watch out, we are reducing your lunch, one project at a time.

Hapo imebeba kaka… …maghufuli akijua huu nasi twajua haaaah!

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They steal our pipeline from ug we steal their port ama namna gani

namna poa


Hoe Hoe does not like this message one bit…

With all these imprpvements in logistics, We can even position Mombasa as a transshipment Port and compete with Cape Town or Dubai (playing in the same league with Singapore and Rotterdam) tuwachie Dar ligi ndogo.

Hoho atajua hajui


Wale Makufudhi brigade wakiona hii watakuangukia na zile rants zao za “Danganyika tuko mbele sana. Tumefanya huu, na haa, na heee”:D:D:D

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: acha waje. wameshindwa kujenga Bagamoyo Port, reli ya SGR pia ni kama walidanganywa Na Turkey. Very soon watatuona tukifanya inauguration ya Lamu Port.

I get you. Between voi-moshi-arusha is a perfect road that’s newly built. It would cement the status that Northern Tz is part of Kenya supply chain.

Hio train ya Tz ikiendelea kuchelewa Taveta, Namanga na Isebania zitakuwa bizi sana supplying Tz.

Hapa Okwonkwo umeongea kama mzee ameshiba foofoo…

Kuna pia Loitoktok.

Munataka mapadlock ajenge ukuta kwa mpaka yote?

I hear containers destined for Nairobi were bundled on SGR without owners consent. One businessman had his trucks ready to transport but he is knowing now that the containers are in Nai.

hehehe, yaani container ishafika Nairobi akiwa hajui?

i like the economic vision our leaders have, if only we could get those SEZ and EPZs right,then our country would grow in leaps and bounds.

another thing is tje food situation, if galana kulalu would work,ahero and maybe one more scheme in Turkana-making use of the underground aquifer then we would solve our food issues eternally

SEZ zinakuja. I read that all counties that the SGR passes through will have an SEZ zone.

For the other irrigation programs, those will take time for us to see their benefits, but we have started, it’s just a matter of increasing acreage until we reach a million acres. This is definitely a long term project, not short term.