If I was you Ruto, I'd be a worried man Jogoo 90 years to go

From yesterday’s talk by the Moi brothers and their body language truly you pole, like they were telling you on your face you are nothing.Always remember Kenya ni ya wenyewe lest you forget Kikuyus can’t be trusted, asked Jakuom, If it’s not their own or one who will protect their interest (read loot) pole. From the recent gov appointments to VC appointments pole. Strategies and try to get Luhyas and Misfit luos on board, otherwise a Kenyans peasant can never lead a country. Tafakari







cut a nika some slack.

Jogoo 90 years to go,

You’re not even jubilated why are you concerned?


Wengine wenyu save your bundles mtumie WIFi ya mwindi me who job

You, advising ruto:D:D:D

A guy 2/3 of educated Kenyans hate, I wouldn’t want to be him

Btw most of the kids wa langata primary pale alikulisha watoi teargas will be voting Kenya citizens… Not Canadians or Caananites lol

WSR si mtu wa NASWA why should it be of concern…Yu should be thinking who is the presidential flag bearer for NASWA/ODM

Miguna wrote a book that tore into baba’s legacy and reputation, and many wished him dead… Now he’s a ‘general’ and revered by the same crowd that bayed for his blood.
Kwa ufupi, don’t be so sure of the future that you can’t see…

You NASA guys sure love predicting things. Last year you saturated the media networks with talks of voter apathy by Kikuyu sijui Canaan sijui Joshua.
Don’t you get tired of constantly being wrong?

ao kusomea Maseno school alafu kuenda maseno university alafu kufanya kisumu fisheries, akili inakwama kwa mkundu, like some comentors here who wholly think politics ni tribes mbili,kwanza hawa ma new clowns NV wameshtuliwa na wifi job mpaka they cant highyly be productive during the day, ni kucomment for the sake alafu jioni hawana bundles shindwe… kesho ill name them one by one, makende za nyoka