If i was Ruto

Ruto has been playing hot and cold over BBI… He is becoming somehow a watermelon on this issue. And this will be his major undoing. If i was him… Either decide to completely oppose it and mobilize against the BBI or support it but not waste my time campaigning or vouching for it. Say that i am implementing development projects, continue visiting the constituencies and ground doing my own political networks while steering off completely from the BBI talk. Even when the Referendum comes not go to campaign for it and just keep quite while plotting for 2022 and say that i will support the outcome of Referendum either way. I think that would be a better strategy than the way he is managing the BBI issue now…

I think he is on that already unless those wannabes kwa TV masquerading as strategists are misleading you


This is what he was doing yesterday. Asking for timetable

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[SIZE=7]Ruto urges Haji-led BBI team to publish countrywide programme on consultative fora[/SIZE]
20 hours ago

https://www-capitalfm-co-ke.cdn.ampproject.org/i/s/www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/files/2020/01/HAIKA-RUTO-NAOMI-TAVETA.jpgDeputy President William Ruto (centre) hosted leaders from Taita Taveta County who included Taveta MP Naomi Shabaan (right) and Taita Taveta Woman Representative Lydiah Haika (left)/DPPS
By , TAVETA, Kenya, Jan 17 – Deputy President William Ruto has asked the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) taskforce under the leadership of Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji to move swiftly and share its countrywide programme with Kenyans.
He said this would make Kenyans to be prepared to share their input with the taskforce thereby making the final report inclusive.

“The programme would guide and prepare us because we would want to see the opinion of all Kenyans to count in this process,” he said.
Dr Ruto spoke on Friday in Taveta in Taita Taveta County during a leaders’ consultative meeting.
The forum was attended by among others Taveta MP Naomi Shabaan, Taita Taveta Woman Representative Lydiah Haika, former Taita Taveta Governor John Mruttu, former Taita Taveta Woman Representative Joyce Lay and several Members of the Taita Taveta County Assembly.
The Deputy President further called on the taskforce to avail sufficient copies of the BBI report to Kenyans.
“By reading the report, Kenyans would be able to make informed decisions,” he added.
He said Kenyans should turn up in large numbers and support the process that may define their future.
“Let us cooperate and make it a success so that by June, we have the second report of the Initiative.”
According to Dr Ruto, the successful completion of the process would usher in a new era that would accord Jubilee Government ample time to steer the country’s development agenda.
However, Dr Ruto cautioned the taskforce to guard the process against being hijacked by political interests.
He asked the Senator Yusuf Haji-lead Team to carry out the work professionally, and accord Kenyans an opportunity to freely present their input on BBI.
“The taskforce should not be intimidated by political brokers who would want to revive their fortunes,” he explained.
At the same time, Dr Ruto called on leaders for work together in transforming Kenya.
He said there was need for politicians to compete on their development programmes and agenda rather than engaging in divisive politics.
Dr Shabaan said they were in support of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy.
“We do not want our country to be torn apart by self-centred kind of politics. We would continue rallying behind these two leaders because of their development agenda for our country,” she noted.
On her part, Haika asked Kenyans to ensure that their share their views with the BBI committee.
This, she said, would ensure that their pressing issues are factored in the final report later in the year.
Mruttu asked leaders to discard the politics of hate and focus on empowering Kenyans.
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When opponent is not speaking straight it will be a mistake for Ruto to speak straight. Let him be all over the place saying this and that so that they cannot pin him down. Do you know when he and Tanga Tanga bigwigs embraced BBI it threw Kieleweke by surprise? Everybody was gathered to bury Ruto but the cat with 9 lives showed them all he is still very much around.
Let him keep moving and keep them guessing.
Uhuru this week ended up bribing farmers to try and improve his disapproval ratings because Tanga Tanga politicians have been cussing out Uhuru and his focus on BBI.

Ruto anatumia kitu inaitwa political strategy, ile siku wanaimba peace, peace, then sudden destruction, hawatajua nini imewafanyikia. Ile lightning Ruto atawapiga nayo bado inafanya press-ups Congo

Ruto must continue to be unpredictable until the battle lines are drawn. Remember his enemies are looking for an opportunity to bait him, and so choosing a side at this time would be premature. The good thing he has shown that he is not a pushover

Same political strategy like the one he used in Kibra by-election after exuding confidence that Jubilee will win it? 2020 kitaeleweka. You did a blunder by underestimating Uhuru.

He used the weakest person to attack Baba’s heavily fortified bedroom, akaingiza kichwa ndani, ilibidi Baba aitishe reinforcement kutoka militia za ukambani na majeshi ya joho na waiguru.
Huyo ndiye mtu mnadharau?

Tunamtia Hadi settings. Hakuna siku shingo imewai pita kichwa.

Ruto’s goose is cooked. He is a man desperately grasping at straws.


The fact that he knowingly used a weak person indicates poor strategy.

He can’t afford to oppose Uhuru openly. He will be fired from being a VP. That will cut him off state funds and relevancy he needs to campaign in 2022. Plus at the very back of his mind , he believes Uhuru is still with him.

He can’t be fired in this new constitution.

Nowhere in the world has there ever been a deputy to the sitting president start campaigning for the job before even half of the last term is over. In addition to opposing the sitting president, who happens to be his boss.

If he is “man enough” as he often retorts, he should resign and comfortably oppose Uhuru, BBI and the government of the day. RAO did it with Kibaki in the first NARC govt. Remember Orange vs. Banana?

What planet do you read Ruto from? this man is as ruthless and conniving as they come. He has our support. He is the best we have so far.
He is the DPORK and nobody can tunya him that one for now. Unless they murder him. Murder Ruto muone vileile kutaenda.
If confused please check his speech at DeMethiu’s funeral.

He does not believe Uhuru is with him. Who in Centro believes in Uhuru anymore? the mistake you guys are making is thinking that we listen to Uhuru. This time round NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Politics is so dynamic, all these old geezers will still be in the next government

Ruto is just a corrup, ruthless and selfish politician. Such African leaders are easily voted to power by the poor masses and Ruto is not exceptional, God help Kenya.

Is it time to add Langat to my ignore list?

playing hot and cold keeps UhuDinga confused on how to handle kimwarer.

That’s why Bangi 1 is busy frustrating him behind the scenes.

You know BBI haitambuliki sana kwa stronghold za Arror. Read mt kenya and rift. But he also needs dim eyes and the like

Ruto is not wise and it will be very very difficult for him to rise to the presidency sit. Leaders are elected either because
1)They please the nobles and the oligarchs of the society or
2)They have an overwhelming support from the peasants
For Ruto he appears to have neither. The oligarchs are fearful of his presidency because of their wealth and thus BBI. Ruto doesnt have country wide support from the peasants.

Take a case study of Raila, he has an overwhelming support from peasants all over the country only that he doesnt appease the oligarchs and thus they worked against him in the previous elections and therefore Raila will never remain politically irrelevant.

Ruto should step back, play the victim card and hopeful expect the sympathy vote from the peasants but again the servers are controlled by the oligarchs. I would only advice him to read The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.