If i have not put a ring on your finger don't fight over me.

Sometimes its plain logic ,sasa ukipata na some crazy bitch amekubebea mpaka kisu ukatwe at I juu MNA pigana utasema? Unless MTU amekuja kwa nyumba yangu, in which case I will even engage help tying her up ndio nitafute kijiti ya kutandika vizuri, hizi zingine you ruin too many things,imagine sasa might iwekwe kwa youtube, ukue instant celeb, the shame and damage that will come with that??? Put seven your work in jeopardy

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I have this reckless friend whom tukilewa naye somewhere and the drinks get to him, he may end up summoning every single girl in his phone book. He may even summon his girlfriend together with the campus youngin that he screwed the previous weekend. The amount of fights I have had to break up over him wacha tu


[ATTACH=full]22758[/ATTACH] Don’t stick your dick in crazy…

Why is that? When in fact you stated your intentions from the start? And does it mean that when i have a woman fuck mate she does not get screwed by other dudes? Coz for me if you are a fuck mate i continue to look for new pussies. And if she is getting screwed how does she now start developing feelings?

Females are emotional beings

So if you give it to me you will feel i owe you ama ?


This wasn’t crazy, just fed up

Eventually yes @mtu chuma

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If that is the case then am in a lot of shit coz i have a ques of fuck mates. Mungu saidia!!!.

Mimi ata jongo tunawez pigania… Most fights start because of lack of respect a good fight always brings back the respect…

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That’s for men, for women hakunanga a specific reason,unaeza skia something as stupid as" Huyo same anajionanga mrembo sana, Leo nimeona nimfunze adabu"


For women I find it funny… Wanawake kabla wapigane watarushiana maneno udhany wakishikana watauana… Vita ikianza ni kuvutana nywele tu!

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women have to fight coz they know men r weak… they know if a woman throws herself at a guy then the guy won’t resist her… and so the only solution now becomes to intimidate ‘the other’ girl… once one girls scratches/damages the other’s face and pull’s out her weave she’s going to say ‘fuck it i dont this anymore’ and so withdraws from the love triangle and the winner of the fight gets the man…

Evolution also explains it well… women require resources to bring up their offspring… ‘another girl’ in the picture means someone else is now taking the resources to benefit some other offspring… and because females would do anything for the survival of their offspring they have to fight for these resources (a man)… it’s either she fights for them or watches her offspring die… this is where the instinct to catfight (or badmouth) other women comes from…


Heko kwa hayo maneno. What of this akina Spax and wengine saying they can not fight for a man?

si ndio maana wanalalamikaga hapa wako single… eti sijui single ‘by choice’… probably they were once forced into a corner by some other girl wakajifanya the ‘the bigger woman’… now they’re paying the price by the lonely nights… for the very few who are married ngoja ifike a point where the husband can’t pay rent or fees juu ya mpango wa kando… this is where shits hit the roof… survival of the wife and children is at stake… she’ll start by threatening the MWK by phone and if this doesn’t work she’ll hire some hooligans to do the job…

so ukiskia a wife here claiming she’s can’t fight over a man, it’s coz the husband still provides for the family despite having a mpango… wacha ashindwe kuprovide ujionee… it’s called SURVIVAL my friend… ni hayo tu


Umesema ukweli kabisa. And they are very instinctive; they can pick on something very minor and make their own conclusions.

I see. There are no women who are single by choice that i can guarantee with my life. But as for men there are many out there and if he has enough cash he gets a new pussy every day.


There are women who can’t stay with a man for various reasons. So, yes, there are women who are single by choice.

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If there are reasons why they cant then its not by choice

I agree on this