If i have not put a ring on your finger don't fight over me.

Some how i have come to appreciate all the women in this village for once i see they are liberated and they know what exactly they want unlike other ass holes out there who think or conclude your intentions. Last night i spent a better part of it in a police station solving issues i had no part in and never wanted in my life.
I have two fuck mates who we regularly engage coitus with and somehow one of them came to know about the other. She managed to get the Intel on her location and followed her to a local cafe where we usually get our evening tea and samosas and pass some time with small talks. So jana this bitch goes there and she chokozas the other girl and all hell breaks out vita ikanza and some glasses, soda bottles and mirrors on the wall got broken also my Innocent sex mate gets a deep gush on her finger. They get arrested and am called to the police station to talk things through. Lets say one person gets a cold floor for the night while the other i take home and nyanduas for the whole night.

I would like to tell our pink handle congratulations for you know exactly how things are: @Phenomenal Woman (she said all she wanted was a nice popes day fuck nothing more) and others knows that when we fuck it does not mean we are in a relationship. They know we can fuck just for fun coz i want to and you want to and that does not give you a right to go boxing other fuck mates in my life.

K-talk women you are the best.!!!

NB:Unless i marry (note i did not say engage) you you do not have a right to fight over me.
Thank you.

Usikuwe na haraka ya kuoa, nyandua hizi vitu brah :slight_smile:


Lemme give you a piece of advice before you settle down on matters coitus.
Many start marriage with false hopes like, “I will have sex every night … may be three times a night … Whenever I want, I will get!” Then you get married and you realize there is a lot more to marriage than sex.
In fact, there is so much going on that sex is the last thing on your wife’s mind. Sadly, we think it will be just like we see in the movies. “Perfect couple meets and has amazing sex on the first night.”
In fact, bedroom life does not just happen. It is tied to the many stuff that happened during the day, and the day after and even last week … including what happened in the office.
The issue here is, no matter how great or awful sex on the wedding night was sex years later will be determined by your attitude and desire to learn through the experience.
NB “Single life may be only a stage of a life’s journey, but even a stage is a gift.”


Yeah well said

piga wote wawili bol…then sit back and watch


@spax how soon do you consider a man to be exclusively yours? When can you fight other women over him?

Don’t wana be taken to FIDA and have my testicles eaten raw by those sex hungry women at FIDA who are bitter with every man.


The one who spent the night at police line is @Nefertities

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When I have the ring, you are mine. About fighting for a man, that’s a no no no for me, I cannot and I have never fought over a man, not now nor ever.


Then you don’t have the gusto for your man!
Isokey, it happens in 90% of marriages

A man is not a piece of property to be fought over. Same with a woman.

If the person you’re with wants to be with you, they will. If they want to go, no amount of herding will keep them in the long run.


Picha hata ya broken glass?


Ate fight for a man? Why? How? Ata bwana siwezi pigania


Thats the same answer i got from them ati they were not fighting over me ati it was the matusi walipigana but i tend to differ. So @Mrs4thletter what can you do if another woman comes over to you then anze matusi saying u are a malaya who can get her own man? You walk away knowing its your man anakutusia?

My man is my husband, so what I would do is show her a photo of my husband to ascertain he is the one I’m being insulted over, then walk away, go home and wait for my husband to come home, aniambie why he can’t keep his whores on a leash


something I noted with talkers is that they are always very calm when faced with adrenaline raising conflicts; they tend to act very rational and become the bigger men or women in such situations. :rolleyes::rolleyes::smiley:

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lol upus!

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I like you all ready.
But you should teach this young women that it does not mean you are my woman coz am fucking you. Until i propose to you and i put a ring and sign that marriage certificate.
Most women tend to confuse between a fuck mate and a couple. We need lessons.

It is very hard for a woman to continually fuck someone and not develop feelings ,even when she just intended to just fuck. That is why it is best that a woman avoids such sexationships.