If I Ever Seen Jealousy

This is it

More likeshow off…he’s just hiding behind Khalifa to low key showoff his money moves

he doesn’t have money, he is a cheap knockoff of those nigerian boys. His topics are always about pussy and how he never got enough of it as a boy. He’s probably never had a 1000 shillings he didn’t pilfer on some bitch. Ni kidogo tu uskie ameanikwa anaringanga online na hana kaitu kwa nyumba

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why do people nowadays especially the youths feel the need to flaunt their wealth online? for what reason? some of them live fake lives and mostly they will never disclose their sources of income. some go further to hire farms and lie to the masses that they make money through farming its sick. na wengine unapata wana scandal za kuscam watu kila siku.


Ask @Bandit the dodgy cheap crook.