If I Die

nuff said


The level of disorganization in the recovery process and lack of information is astounding…


Al shabaab posted images of the aftermath. Very Gory. things were bad o_O

link pls

link? Na si tafadhali!!

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We’re in the dark on the recovery issue kabisa.

I hope the video doesn’t get wide coverage

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Do NOT post that link here pls

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It is being distributed openly on somali blogs

My one and only question.
According to multiple sources, the bomb blasts were devastating and nothing within a 250 metres radius was left unscathed.
Other than DNA tests, how will they identify which mangled and burnt body was KDF and which was Al shabaab? Isn’t there a risk they will bring Al shabaab bodies to Nairobi?

like,give us the blogs

If they are using DNA it means they have something to compare with. Anything that comes back negative is al-kebab. That is how I think it works

I can’t put any links here my friend just play around with google

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What is so difficult in assembling a recovery unit of say 1000+ soldiers with air support? We need to give respectable treatment to the departed and closure to the affected families. This thing will surely demoralize those that are currently serving where they will realize that their government doesn’t care about their welfare


Si they are already there, according to Mwathethe they got there on monday.


Ok… let them bring back our mboys home and rain brimfire on those piglets

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You’ve read my mind.
Ineptitude at all corners.

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rinks zinangolewa as soon as they emerge

The somali blogs I saw on thursday are still alive

the aftermath of war has never been a pleasant sight, anywhere…

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