‘If I Die, I’m Going To Ask God Where The Referees Are Before I Choose Btw Heaven and Hell" - Wenger

Arsene Wenger during his reign as Arsenal Manager played 49 games unbeaten between 2003-2004 season, Arsenal became the England premier League champion that season without loosing any match.

Arsenal lost their invincibility against Manchester United at Old Trafford after a poor officiating from the referee’s that handled the match, Manchester United was awarded a penalty by the referee and denied arsenal their own. Many wrong calls during the match by the referee.

After the match, Arsene Wenger was deeply in pains the way referee’s handled the match, for so many years even after he retired as Arsenal Manager in April 20, 2018, the memory could not leave him. April 3rd 2019, during a 2 hours charity event at the Olympia music hall in Paris, Arsene Wenger was asked about his 49 games unbeaten run, he said. ‘If I Die, I’m Going To Ask God Where The Referees Are Before I Choose Between Heaven and Hell".
This statement resurrected after arsenal was humiliated by the referee by awarding a penalty to Wolverhampton Wanderers and sending David Luiz for an infringement deemed to accidental. Even after appeal for the red card the England football association.
The way referee has treated arsenal football club is very bad, in several occasions, an infringement against them is not punished according to the laws of the game.


Mjamaa hii malalamishi peleka supreme court. Assnol fan are known to be grown-up cry babies.:D:D:D:D

bro lazima tulie tumedhulumiwa sana :smiley:

Weka till number nitume Ka konyagi uteremshe hio mate Kali. Na upanguse machozi.

Ass-anal lazima waingie relegation wapende wasipende. Meanwhile Man United tuko number two only four points behind our neighborhood colleagues Man city

hehehe bora green mashadaa ya mama wa kisumu niteremshe mpreshaa:D

mzee umetushukisha grade ya -chini sana

Msijali. Mkazane kama mnataka kuwa in league 1 next season

Msijali. Mkazane kama mnataka kuwa in league 1 next season

usijali tumekazana na kamba iko tight kabisa, vijana wanafanya juhudi zote za kupanda juu lakini MANU kubebwa bebwa na tefree pia it has to stop:D

Hii ni mwaka yetu. We have to win the league or end up in top three by fire by force

truly Sir i wish MANU the mbest, you should see us @ home, mzee wangu is liverpool damu, bro wangu mdogo is MAN-U and am GUNNERS, the odds of that when there is a match, hehehe mzee wangu anakalia kijana mdogo chinii and imagine MANU wakifungwa anakua vipii:D:D:D

That’s totally understandable

Sometimes I feel there is like an agenda against arsenal

Of course yes. Former referee Mike Hasley in his biography stated how referees have instructions from the F.A concerning the number of yellow cards and red cards, fouls and corners. With the F.A controlling both on pitch and VAR referees, consider the issue not being resolved soon. That’s why match fixing and gambling will always favor the bold

Sad. The only thing close to fairness