If huyu mtu is threatening Ohuru like this, what will he do to the ordinary Agikuyu?

Mutikanauge mutierirwo.

Peasant okuyu ndio wataumia zaidi.

Akachukua ndio Wakikuyu watamea akili. Will make Moi look like HOLY St. John.

Uhuru is weak alcoholic fool that is why everyone insults and threatens him.



Uhuru made wise choices, and that’s why we didn’t witness political assassination of his opponents.

Hatujali buana, Uhuru abebe mzigo wake peke yake. Hajasaidia the peasant okuyus na kitu.

Akimaliza kunyoa Ohuru, you will be next on the line. Ameanza hapo UP akienda BOTTOM. Waswahili husema Ukiona mwenzako akinyolewa, tia chako maji.


Wakikuyu ndio the largest tribe in this country, watamalizwaje wakiwa wamenyamaza? Moi alijaribu akashindwa na alikuwa a total dictator, huyu ndio ataweza? Hatuuziwi uoga buana, whatever happens happens. Kila mtu abebe msalaba wake.

Ruto as President will deal with Uhuru at Presidential level, while a Kalenjin MCA will deal with okuyus in Rv at the grassroot level.
When Moi retired, his tribes men, stated clearly that Moi was not to be dragged to court, for they new clearly, such would’ve a domino effect.

we dont care about Uhuru. wauane wakitaka

There is no threat to Konyagi, he was reacting to Konyagi’s night agenda and threats

Labda suck her bag atanunua hii uoga, boss this is SPARTA!

Precisely my observation too, the last two elections have seen political assassinations and yet on this transition none. Leaving me to assume that the one part of the jubilee responsible is outside power.

Drunken Master was hungry for power and the only person who could have helped him ascend to the top seat was JSKS,he is self centered and have just woke up and realize d@ power is temporary…7 days to go.We aren’t his people anymore…tumekaa kimendero.

Prince konyagi should do the honourable thing and retire peacefully. At least he will be able to go with a modicum of respect not whining here like he’s a liberation hero when he was fished from the drinking dens on Githurai and given power