if grace you are a talker please inbox me I'm the milk vendor(2010s)

Ouch it pains remembering grace. Yes there she was. It’s all about the one that got away.there is nothing like fate, she just slept away from my grasp. I tried my level best to trynna hold back my advances, my feelings for her. I sure as hell knew very well in no time I will fall for her, but whom do I blame. Yeeeesss she is gone and I’m gone too but she still remains one quite unfinished business, what started of in the merest of casual way crept slow by slowly to smth undeniable. I always acted like I cared not even a little bit but deep inside me I knew I was mad at her, why the hell could such a wonderful, interesting, down to earth grace ever limit her chances of we meeting up. We could spend hours confessing our feeling whenever she visited my place of work which exumed I guess all of her energy, she could barely walk, neither could I hold up anymore seeing her just across the counter(ethics never allowed a client beyond) I was ready to bend the laws and being that ready she disappeared… Ouch, it pains.let me not lie, I had craves for that lass.
Just like two roasters in the same barn. But time heals even broken bones.
But wait, this girl had a sweet voice,skin complexion only rivalled by a thousand note, a waist that was sexy in its on ways, a smile that could warm any room she enters. I mean this girl wasn’t the first you could notice in a room but her positive vibes in no time would light up a fire that not even castration could put out. Where are you grace???

Nliona X wangu kwa stage nikiwa kwa personal ya fren nikacheka na Nguvu mpaka kakaniona

in some other guy’s blanket. You refused to get out from behind the counter

Move on dude.

Running away from your english

I don’t want no scrub
A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me
Hangin’ out the passenger side
Of his best friend’s ride
Tryin’ to holla at me (TLC1999)

Two rosters in the same barn… Ktalk,protect your kabats.

but he wasnt hollorarin her

Hazijawachana sana. beta male behaviour.

You sure roasted.

haha mimi apana team @Bottoms



you mean there is a talker using @Bottoms as their name…never knew you existed,but hopefully wewe ni team SJ

I’m a franchise here my friend

I bet you singing that from a “pigeons” hole

Sjai glofiry izo stereotype za beta male I have a jamii that looks upto me so I have to be a dad and a man at the same time

Ngai fafa…you are pining (sp) for someone you met 9 years ago and did nothing about it? Spell her name with a capital G, she might surface.

Hizo poem mingi ndio zilifanya akutoroke