If as a woman you ain't married we jua tuu ni wewe umekataa wanaume. Men are not as picky as women are

I like the couple of the black lady with no legs married to a very tall handsome junguuuu, God can’t deny you everything. Congratulations.

Having a alternate blow jobs is something am sure he will try his best to lock it down in marriage. He is a smart man.

On high IQ note , he will have 3 heads running his affairs . Three brains are better than one or two


If a man can marry a woman with two bodies, na woman with all body parts hachaguliki, something is wrong with her. There’s something keeping them men off .

Glass is half empty or half full.

Its actually a woman with two heads not bodies. The body is one.

Here’s some food for thought. Men don’t do the choosing women do. If a woman decides that she will not get married to a certain race or tribe or men in general, there’s nothing a man can do about it.

Don’t forget that a woman can even be a second wife if she wants a certain man and he’s taken.

Its not a matter of hachaguliki bcz men have more bad qualities than women and women can change for the better if they love someone.

Let me tell you of a lunje guy I know, he’s been in 7 failed marriages. One time he asked me to marry him, I sincerely asked him if 7 women could not handle him which magic would I perform.

Of course he was pissed but isn’t it true that for 7 good women to have your kids and leave behind their kids, all boys to get married to other men. Something is seriously wrong with him.

Some people are also picky. They may not want to be tied down to one person or they don’t want to commit themselves to anyone. Others like my friend want to get married even after 7 failed marriages.

I think people who have issues like disabilities need to feel like normal people and will do anything to prove that they can do what other people are doing. Whereas we normal folk feel we have leeway to not conform to societal norms.

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