If all countries were students, what would a class be like?

I personified countries and have written headcanon-ish storylines for each of them. If you want me to do any more countries, let me know in the comments.


[li]The stereotypes used are for satirical purposes only[/li][li]Historical exaggeration and trivialization is not meant to offend any perosn, their beliefs, nationality, identity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or world-view[/li][li]The humor is dark in places and have been used, again, to employ satire and irony, as well as to build personality for the “countries” as “people”.[/li][li]Please view the facts and jokes presented in an unbiased manner as a consumer of art.[/li][/ol]
Now lets dive in.

USA wins. Always.

He’s got the game, the name and the babes. He always wins by hook or by crook. A rich, powerful, tanned handsome, arrogant son of the powerful yet unlikely couple, city’s second biggest businessman and the well-respected school Principal. Captain of the football team and by far the best player as well (he broke the leg of every player who ever tried to play better than him).

He is the kid who throws the most parties and everybody wants to be friend’s with him. He doesn’t know the meaning of ‘minding one’s own business’ and once got in trouble for interfering in Iran’s homework.

He comes from an old and rich family related to that of Poland, France and his old childhood rival, UK. Canada is his first cousin. He lives in a huge suburban mansion with his own swimming pool.

He is best friends with Australia and Canada and he leads the Big League (USA, UK, China, France and Russia). He however, has a rocky history with Russia who he fought with in middle school. Though they do sometimes work together, they are still at silent war with each other for the top spot within the league. China avoids them both. Apart from Russia and China, he maintains amicable relations with the rest of the league. he is now friends with UK, his playschool rival.

Africa used to be his father’s gardener. USA made Africa build his father’s mansion for free, whipping and beating him into submission. He has a bad history with this gardener’s children as well. His gardener has a lot of children; Nigeria, Niger, Liberia, Libya and their many brothers and sisters. As a child, USA used to be racist and bullied the gardener’s sons and made sure they never got the opportunities and freedom that he deserved. But the entire school teamed up to knock some sense into his head. Africa has since left job at USA’s father’s and has setup his own agricultural implements store with which he takes care of his children. USA has become more tolerant recently, at least in public, though people still say he is secretly a big racist even now.

He is not a bad fighter as well. In 4th grade, he helped his fellow Big League-ers and friends to fight Germany, Italy and Japan in a huge cataclysmic showdown that wrecked the class. He was initially disinterested in the fight since he considered it a little trifle between Russia and Germany but soon got involved when Japan threw a baseball at him, and called him “sissy” for not joining the fight. USA then proceeded to personally draw the pulp out of Japan and stuck pepper bombs on his seat which literally set fire to Japan’s bottoms. He then worked with Russia, probably for the first and last time to fight Germany who was more than a little stubborn . After the fight became a mess, USA regretted and urged rest of the Big League to be more tolerant.

Another country he hates is North Korea. He hates North Korea, vehemently.

Rumor has it that anybody who fights with him gets transferred. Recently, his businessman father has changed. He has become more alcoholic and more erratic than ever. This has had a toll on USA’s personality. His father has also now become friends with Russia’s and plays poker with him.

You wouldn’t like him angry. Ever.

Russia rarely gets angry, but whenever he does, he never comes down before drawing blood. He’ll punch your nose to pulp.

He is sulking Hulk of the Big League and he never really talks to his other so called ‘friends’ in the league - USA, China, UK and France. He was the most popular guy in school after UK and before USA. USA and Russia got into a fight in middle school, which toppled Russia from it’s position as the class chick-magnet. He has had a long standing rivalry with USA ever since.

It all happened in 7th grade. He was the captain of the school football team but when USA tried to break his leg in the locker room, he broke USA’s nose. He got sent to detention the next day because

a) USA had only provoked him with a hockey stick and didn’t actually attack

and b) USA’s mother was the Principal.

He never really recovered.

He is huge. Tall, athletic and exceptionally well built with untamed hair. He sometimes feels like a playboy and has had his share of girlfriends despite his reclusive lifestyle. He never really smiles nor frowns. His lips are always set in an uncomfortable straight line. He is a master at MMA and Jiu Jitsu.

Germany once sat at his place in 4th grade and refused to get up. This pissed him off so much, he punched Germany on his face. Agitated Germany ganged up with his friends, Japan and Italy and tried to fight Russia. Bad move, definitely, because immediately Russia instigated the Big League and with their support as well as most of other like India, Canada, Australia and Africa beat the shit of Germany’s gang. The whole class was wrecked and they all got time out after which the Big League took it upon themselves to keep peace in class at all costs despite their differences.

He works hard on his studies and does well in science. In fact, in middle school, he led the Science decathlon team. Despite being smart in Physics, he does not take part in decathlons any more. Nobody knows why. He sits in the left corner of classroom smothering down USA with his looks or chatting quietly with his best friends, Kazakhstan and Belarus. He earlier used to live in a hostel with them, but has since separated and moved out to their own homes.

Counter-intuitively, however, he works exceptionally well with India, both of whom were lab partners once and share a lot of common interests. He has known China for long, since their fathers had the same political ideas but they are not the best of friends. With China, he never really talks, but they acknowledge each other with nods.

Recently his dad has become friends with USA’s and have started playing poker together, much to his dismay.

USA’s younger first cousin.

Cute, well mannered, ambivert teenager. Friends with UK, both of them being babysitted together as children (along with Australia and New Zealand). Well liked and easily lovable. Soft spoken but has been known to be extremely aggressive under circumstances. Likes his pancakes with a lot of maple syrup. Aces most tests though he is known to often ask India’s help to complete his homeworks.

He is the biggest friend of USA, UK and France and helps them always. He even joined them when they fought Japan, Germany and their friends in 4th grade.

Rarely speaks against USA, whether he agrees with him or not. Though not part of the Big League (USA, UK, China, France and Russia), he hangs out with them a lot. Has changed a lot since he started dating France. Some parts of him are almost French.

She’s hot and she knows it.

The first chick of the class and the only girl on the Big League. Shopaholic, arrogant, sassy, smart and talented, she is a stereotypical popular chick. She is on the dance team and plays on the girls’ baseball team. She is the Quidditch team captain and she leads the cheerleading squad as well.

She looks down on other girls except those who fan her. She is very friendly with USA though they disagree sometimes and has a frenemy relation with UK, one of her oldest friends as well as rivals.

In 3rd grade she revolted against her father. Her father was a very oppressive man who regularly beat her up and abused her mother. She stood up against him knowing that it’d be in vain. But her Revolution, inspired her mother to divorce her father and move out. Her mother has since become a successful Fashion designer who earns more than France can ever spend.

She is a pro at fencing and is a ruthless MMA fighter like Russia. Her bestfriend is Italy but she once fought with her as well. Back in 4th grade she teamed up with USA, China, UK, Russia, India, Canada, Pakistan and others to beat the pulp out of Germany, Italy and Japan. Germany had placed a frog on her table once and she hated frogs. Japan had then derogatorily exclaimed that it was a surprise she hated frogs because she ate snails! France, not able to take it any more sided with Russia when he fought these kids, including her erstwhile friend Italy, who in her paranoid mood swings decided that France was an unfaithful friend and therefore helped Germany and Japan. She herself delivered a huge blow on Italy’s ears, it bled straight for an hour. She later apologized to her and they reconciled.

She has been dating Canada for a long long time, right from Elementary school and they are very good friends. He always stands by her and that’s what she loves the most about him.

She can be very mean but is generally easy to please.

He used to be the most popular guy in school, once.

A likable kind of guy and he was the Class Prefect once.

But he also has a history of misusing his powers. Sometime in 4th grade, when he first became the class prefect, he made a lot of money behind the dark by being a very very mean jerk then who stole South Africa’s lunch money and sold crack to China also to make money. Back then, he used to be in an abusive relationship with India and he used to boss her around. He once forced India to ghost write an essay for him, promising her 50% of the cash prize but went back on his words soon enough. Around the same time, Germany and Russia got into a little fight that escalated into a huge schism. UK then proceeded to defend his Big League friends and forced India and Pakistan to do the same. They together settled the issue by kicking Germany’s ass and making him quiet. This fight however, also gave some nice ideas to India, China, South Africa and the other kids UK had oppressed. As soon as the class was cleaned up, these kids teamed up and kicked UK’s ass. He has become pretty much decent since.

Impeccably dressed and handsome in the gentlemanly sense of the word. He reads classics, drinks tea and is on the Shakespearean drama team. He is also an excellent bowler on the Cricket team. He is chivalrous and holds doors open for girls, not that all of them like it.

He often keeps to himself and avoids conflicts. Close to USA and extremely close to Canada. He has a dynamic relation with France. He used to be close friends with other European kids and was added by France in their Whatsapp group with Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal and so on. He has since left the group because their messages confused him. Gracefully accepts his lost position at the top the big league and is now concentrating on improving his grades.

He works hard. Very Hard.

China comes from a very old and proud Communist family. His late father used to be a hard-task master who believed in equality of opportunity and meritocracy. His Tiger Mom further ensured that this happened by forcing him to work harder than he possibly could.

In 5th grade he fought with depression and broke down under this stress. That’s when UK sold him crack, without completely knowing what it was and eventually got him addicted. This went on for a year, until his father barged into the school and got UK suspended for a week. China was then taken to rehab and he rejoined the next year, as a changed man.

His family is overcrowded. He has 8 siblings and a half sibling. He also has a cousin, Taiwan, who he is not allowed to talk to because Taiwan’s father (China’s uncle) and China’s mother are still fighting over the ownership of Grandpa’s house. Despite his autocratic home, his parents’ falling marriage and civil war, his father’s subsequent death, his family conflict with his uncle, his short addiction phase and consequent rehab and all the other challenges he faced, he did not give up. He just worked harder.

Despite being smart from the beginning nobody noticed him till ninth grade. That’s when he began to work uber hard. He began to ace all his tests and tops every single paper except Math, which India tops. This has sparked off a rivalry between India and China. Despite being bestfriends in playschool, they don’t talk anymore. His rivalry with India goes so deep that he secretly started dating India’s most hated rival, Pakistan.

Initially he did not mind others business . But back in fourth grade when Germany, Italy and Japan were busy pranking others, they made the mistake of pranking China as well. This infuriated China and he teamed up with Russia when fight broke out between him and Germany and contributed some cool karate moves to Japan’s abdomen.

He wakes up at 5 and sleeps at 11. He does Karate, Kung Fu and Taekwondo in his free time. He never rests. He is a master tinkerer and knows how to apply science in real life. He has won the Science Fair, every year since 8th grade and sometimes makes super-cheap life hacks for his classmates, which most of them buy, including India, albeit reluctantly.

Despite being a straight A student and martial arts expert, he does not have much friends. This is because he is insanely introverted, something that can be justified given his rough past. He also gets pissed off very easily. Emotionally unstable and not very matured in actions. ‘Nerd’ is his trigger word.

South Korea has a crush on him and hates Pakistan for being with him. He is the smartest in the Big League.

India never gives up. She is a fighter.

India is a fighter. She never gives up. No matter what you throw at her, she just shakes it off and walks away.

India is all about fluidity. Dynamic and fiery. All though, anatomically female, India is genderfluid, sometimes identifying as male at other times female. She is the only genderfluid student in the class and despite her non-binary gender, she prefers the pronouns she/her, a habit that must have come from being closeted so long in such a conservative family. India doesn’t actually mind misgendering and she is quick to forgive even if you bully her, but only after she breaks your nose-ridge.

Her inhumanely beautiful mother is a staunch Hindu but her father is an atheist. She has a half sister, Pakistan. India is not in good terms with Pakistan or her mother.

India can speak over a dozen languages and can smooth talk better than anyone; the latter quality could have been acquired while she was working at a fast-food joint in Middle School to help support her family. Despite having a rich background, she was forced to work hard and earn when her father’s company went bankrupt during the stock market crash. Her father was subsequently arrested for corruption and money fraud, causing huge distress in the family. India and her crowded household of four siblings worked hard along with her parents to put the family back on track. The owner of the joint where she worked even tried to sexually assault her but she ran away and successfully sued him. Due to her dedicated hardwork, she rebuilt her family and helped free her dad. Her father, has since reformed and is now running a Dosa and Tandoor restaurant. She is very close to her parents and lives in a closely knit household.

When India came out in 6th grade, Pakistan and her mother told India that her sexual fluidity was a sin. India refused to change and her dad supported her. Conflicted with their religious ideals, Pakistan and her mother moved out to another apartment. Later, India and Pakistan fell in love with the same boy, Kashmir. Kashmir goes to a different school and really just wants to be left alone, but India and Pakistan are decidedly pursued him. This fanned the conflict between them and they became bitter rivals. Pakistan later began to secretly date China, though she still has her eyes on Kashmir.

India comes from a very, very, very old family. It is said, that her grandmother kept a family tree that went back hundreds of generations. Her mother is a strictly conservative, uber-religious, hard-tasking person but her father is more to the liberal side.

India is the hot-nerd type of person. She is an uber geek and slaves over her homework. She aces all the tests and always finishes second to China or even defeats China when it comes to Math. China hates her for it and they are bitter rivals, both of them refusing to even share notes.

She is quite easily, the most beautiful girl in the class. Most boys have secret crushes on her and find it really awkward when she switches gender. Funny, charismatic, pretty eyes, she is also wild, chaotic and insanely talented. Back when she was poor, China, USA and UK used to laugh at her for her being dirty and is now very fussy about cleaning up her mess. She is known for her strict Yoga regimen and her inhumane flexibility. She is dancer par excellence, specializing Bharatanatyam and is also on the school gymnastics team. She is an exceptionally talented bats-woman and is the captain of the girl’s cricket team.

Almost always sweet, but beware, if she gets pissed, then she will piss everybody else off too. In fourth grade she teamed up with UK (with whom she had been in an abusive relationship), USA, China, Canada, France, Russia and others to fight Germany and his buddies when he got into a feud with Russia. By sixth grade UK and India were dating but UK was an abusive boyfriend. One time in 6th grade, UK had made India ghost-write an essay for him by promising her that he would give her 50% of the cash prize that he wins. When he failed to give her the promised prize, she protested outside of Principal’s room, threatening to starve to death if the prize was not repealed. UK’s prize was repealed and the cash prize was given to India. A couple of days later UK got suspended after China’s father complained against him. After UK returned after suspension, guilty and remorseful, India was the first one to re-befriend him and India still remains UK’s friend.

USA is always neutral about India, though it is rumored that USA has a thing for Pakistan. Russia and India were lab partners once and they are still very close friends. India’s best friend is Israel and they both help each other always but that hasn’t stopped her from having good friendship with Arabia too, India often acting as a mediator between them. She also sometimes shares her lunch with her neighbor, Bangladesh. India is also Afghanistan’s role model after she helped him rehabilitate from his psychological trauma. Many a times India, tried to get into the Big League, but she never made it.

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Arabia is rich. R-I-C-H rich.

Arabia is the rich kid in town. Remember how USA’s father was the second richest businessman? Arabia’s father is the first. He comes to school in a customized Lamborghini and lives in a palatial mansion in the desert that fringes the city. His father became rich in the end of the last century when he discovered oil in their backyard. At age 15, he got into oil business with his dad.

He goes on and off at school. Most of his life, he was home-schooled and thus is still a bit socially awkward. He comes from a super-uber religious Muslim family and he is an ardent theist. He even comes to school in his traditional attire and is known for his austere discipline, especially during the month of Ramadan. In fact, it is wonder how he survives the entire month fasting till sundown given that he is otherwise an avid foodie who gorges on his lambs, camels kebabs, hummus and falafels. He however has a no alcohol policy. He grew a mustache when he was 13 and a full beard by 15. He has a wizard’s mastery business . He is the Commerce teacher’s favorite and helps strategizes bake sales for his juniors.

He has been accused of being overly conservative and a little extremist. He hates when people disagree with him and he has a peculiar humor sense. Therefore, not many friends.

He is however, quite friendly with Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey with whom he shares a lot of ideological similarities. He has an amicable relationship with India as well and they help each other out on projects. He hates Israel and that is the only disagreement he has with India. He and Israel often raze each other in stare-off contests from across the class. Afghanistan once pranked USA by placing explosive balloons in his locker and Arabia silently supported Afghanistan when Afghanistan was suspended. USA and Arabia were close friends once, but after this incident friendship has deteriorated some what. They still however, invite each other to parties and their rich fathers still trade and play poker together.

Germany got into serious trouble and learnt.

Germany used to be the smartest kid in Elementary school. He always used to sit in the front row and always answered whenever professors asked questions. He built cool things and all was good. However, he was also a hypochondriac and germophobe, who tried to purify himself by going on a detox juice diet and maintaining exceptional cleanliness. This earned him the nickname, “Germ-Many”, a name he detested. Then third grade, began and on the first week when he put up his hand to answer, Belgium called him ‘Germ-many’ loudly and he felt deeply insulted. He began to purposely hurt Belgium during football practice and so the rest of the class led by UK, France and Russia complained to the coach and got him out of team.

This apparent defeat made him depressed, paranoid and even more hypochondriac.

Now fully resentful and insanely confused, he began to plot marvelous schemes on the back pages of his notebooks on how to mete out ‘justice’ to his ‘stupid’ classmates. That is when he befriended the paranoid backbencher chick, Italy and the awkward new rich kid, Japan. With their help, he began pranking his classmates. He placed a frog in France’s table, stole Poland’s lunch and sat on Russia’s place. The latter was a huge mistake because Russia does not give up easily. Russia dragged Germany by the collar and kicked him in the gut. His Big League-er friends, UK, China and France along with India, Australia, Canada, Pakistan and Africa beat Germany and his friends. Things got messy and eventually Germany gave up.

Both parties, realizing their mistakes, apologized and agreed to work together to clean up the class before the next teacher came. All except Japan, who was in First aid room with burning pepper sauce on his ass and USA who had already been sent to detention for doing it.

Since then, Germany has changed. Germany now concentrates on improving his grades and bettering his skills at sports. He is an admin on the European Kids Whatsapp Group along with France and others. He has also taken an interest in Classical languages and Sanskrit and has been going to India’s mom for classes. He also won a second place in the Science Fair in 9th grade and later went on to win the first place in Junior year when he designed a brilliant new car. He interns with Mercedes Benz now.

China’s creative, quiet and awkward cousin.

Japan is smart. Really, really smart. At age five, he built his first robot, and at age 12, he won the National Science Fair. The Forbes Magazine mentioned him as a 30 Under 30 scientists when he was 16.

He is extremely introverted and talks mostly only to China, USA, India, Germany and France. Counter intuitively given his ‘quiet nerdy’ look, he however is stylishly dressed always, and rumor has it that his fashion designer mother designs his clothes for him.

Both his parents are Robotics Engineers, with his mother also running a fashion designing boutique in her spare time. His rich technocratic family didn’t send him to school till 3rd grade. This made him awkward when he joined school in 3rd grade. He immediately stuck with Germany, another smart yet awkward and confused kid. They both felt frustrated that other kids weren’t noticing them enough, so got together with the paranoid chick, Italy and decided to pull pranks on rest of the school. Initially they were successful, but Germany made a misstep with Russia and the whole class began fighting. Japan acted like a big bully and threw a basketball at USA and called him “sissy” for not joining the fight. China and the USA then together kicked his ass and beat him to pulp. USA broke his arms and badly hurt him but was still seething in anger. Nobody calls USA sissy. USA in fit of rage, even filled a balloon with chili sauce and made a ‘pepper bomb’ which he placed on Japan’s seat and forced Japan to sit on it. Even the thinking back to that explosion sets fire to Japan’s bottom. USA’s mother, the Principal, for the first time ever scolded USA for this act and asked him to apologize. Filled with remorse on after thought USA apologized to Japan and they reconciled. Germany soon stopped fighting and Japan has since worked with the Big League and the other prefects to maintain peace during and after lectures.

He is the only Shinto kid in class, and he is a strong believer. He eats sushi, fish and rice and loves to share it with others. He loves history and physics, an unlikely subject combo, and aces them both. He also has the sickest katana collection in school and he often invites his friends to Zen themed parties in his parents’ meticulous tea garden. He loves anime and aspires to produce his own anime series someday. He is well liked by everyone because a) he generally keeps quiet and minds his business b) he helps everyone with their physics and history quizzes. During this summer, he plans to intern with Honda on their Asimo Robot.

Is China dating Pakistan? Pakistan’s parents can’t know.

Pakistan is the bewitchingly beautiful conservative girl who is also happens to be India’s estranged half sister. Their atheist father had two wives, one Hindu and the other Muslim, the latter of which was Pakistan’s mother. India and Pakistan lived together and worked together till their sixth grade and back then Pakistan even supported India during her little skirmish with UK. Then the inevitable happened. Religious tension arose between the two sisters.

It all happened in 6th grade, right after India broke up with UK and UK got suspended. Confused by the sudden turn of events, India decided to come out. India came out at the end of sixth grade and declared that she was genderfluid. This did not sit well with Pakistan or her mother. They asked India’s father’s opinion. He staunchly supported India and her decision and appreciated her stance. Pakistan, however, felt that India was being blasphemous and that being Genderfluid was a sin. She moved out with her mother to the neighboring apartment, their father left with no other option but to share time between his two families. Then one day India and Pakistan both fell in love with the same boy, Kashmir.

Kashmir goes to another school and really just wants to be left alone. But vying for his attention, the disagreement flared between Pakistan and India and they became bitter rivals. Religious difference and rivalry for Kashmir soured the little bond they shared and they have remained ever since.

Israel is one more country that hates her, otherwise, Pakistan maintains good relations with most others, especially Arabia. In eighth grade she began dating China secretly. She knows her mother would never approve of this, but China sure is a charming guy!

USA also has a thing for Pakistan and he covertly helps her.

Recently, however her friendship with most have dampened. This is because Afghanistan once pranked USA by placing explosive balloons in his locker and together with Arabia, Pakistan silently supported Afghanistan when Afghanistan was suspended. Her constant insult wars with India are also not very image boosting. China, USA and Arabia still remain her friends and within her small circle she is very popular.

Pakistan is a dedicated and devoted student. She works hard on improving her grades but in moments of desperation has sometimes cheated on tests as well. Essentially, a person of faith, she prays five times a day and keeps staunch fast during Ramadan. She loves her Biriyani and Tikkas but no matter how much she eats she never gets fat, much to the envy of France. Known to be charming and funny, she is a martial arts expert and an excellent cricketer. Her hijab collection is quite the talk of the fashionistas and she is told to be an immensely resilient person.

[li]North Korea[/li][/ul]
This guy is paranoid. And self-obsessed.

He is more self obsessed than USA, more bossy than China and has Dunning-Kruger Effect, which literally means he “suffers from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing [his] cognitive ability as greater than it is.”

He has an estranged twin brother, South Korea. They once got into a terrible fight in 8th grade, wherein NK almost killed SK. After this, both of them were separated. Their parents divorced too, the father siding with SK and the mother with NK. After the divorce, NK has had three stepfathers, each one worse than the last, with all three of them influencing him very negatively.

Due to his Dunning-Kruger Effect and self obsession, he struts around throwing weight even though nobody gives a rat’s ass about him. All of SK’s friends hate him. He has a long history of rivalry, or more accurately unrequited loathing to USA . The only person who, even though very rarely, acknowledges him with a curt nod is China.

Despite his bucket-list of character defects, he is moderately smart in science and is extremely hardworking. However nobody notices this, as it pales in comparison to his disgusting superiority complex.

Recently, his narcissism became insufferable and he began getting a lot hate messages slipped into his locker and lot of hate texts and DMs. Unable to tolerate this he sealed up his locker, broke his cellphone, quit from social media and internet and pulled himself into a shell of isolation and depression. He began to spend his days brooding in the back seat jealously looking at SK. He started calling SK and other names and started throwing threats at USA. Seeing that nobody takes him seriously, in 10th grade, he dropped out of High School and now is being home-schooled by his third and his personal favorite stepfather.

Would’ve loved to see some African countries, pia Italy.


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The United States
The CURRENT US is overworked, under-educated, sick, worn out and with a deplorable human rights record.
The first ammendment.
The average man is likely to loose his dear life on a traffic stop in the hands of the biggest gang, the thin blue line., a revenue collecting agency in the United States equiped with a badge and a licence to kill with no repurcussions whatsoever.
This gang behaves as if it is under some sort of imaginery siege from the general public and the blue thin line gang would not hesitate justifying the murders for having feared for it’s life.
America has forgotten the real strength of a nation.

This is a bastard son of the USA gardener. He has never had the chance to get to the class. Often steals a glance from the window. Wakes up at 11am when everyone has gone to class. The father abuses the mother every now and then. As a result of this abuse and mental torture, Kenya has given birth to retarded children who cannot rescue their mother from constant battering by the father. The father batters the mother so that he can feed from her toil with no question.
In school, Kenya makes the loudest noise, although he never makes it to class. The Big League can notice him from the window, but cannot help as he is irredemably stupid. He toils his land, but gives the produce to the big league for chewing, then receives the cud that he survives on. He needs Jesus

It is his need of Jesus that curbs his rage and his completely understandable rationale to politely introduce his dear father’s face to a blunt axe

i’m waiting for Zoomalia:p

So hii kitu iliandikwa na US American who believes what he see on movies and TV.

Hii ni :meffi::meffi::meffi:.

He may skip class but he is always on the schools Athletics team…