If Africa Doesn't Innovate Now During This Time Of Necessity It Never Will.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Calamities such as WWI and WWII brought about a lot of technological advancements. Kenyans are rising up to the occassion by getting into manufacturing such as the boys who made a ventilator. Right now is the right time to stop depending on China and start / resurrect or industries.

Nah Africans don’t have the intellect to do anything. Regress to your usual threads. No need to change anything we heard you loud and clear

Making our own is different from our insatiable appetite for “I imported this utensil , underwear from usa”.

My sister once sent me a tshirt that I usually love. One day when I was helping madam folding clothes,I looked at the tag …and …“Made in Kenya!!!”. So this cloth left EPZ to usa and back to kenya and 30 times the initial price…

Build an industry until a deep state tenderpreneur imports what you manufacture …KRA itakuletea bill ya 5B…KEBS will say your stuff is substandard.
Hata sijasema the difficulties in obtaining license/huge power bill.

sahi mps should be debating how to realistically make production in Kenya cheaper and force government to 70% procure it’s needs locally, even printing papers come from China, even sticky notes come from India., instead the mps are missing in action or are busy branding imported sanitizers their names.

We are obsessed with foreign things. An African is like a wild animal which will leave the green grass in its sorroundings to go and eat the dry one in a distant area. We are lazy minded and we are not proud of our own inventions. It’s a mental issue. How many times have you heard a person bragging how he has an imported suit or a car or utensils yet he won’t be so proud to show off what he has bought locally. Mwafrika ni MTU alilaaniwa ama alirogwa kitambo.

true sahi ukienda kwa stalls unaambiwa the best clothes come from Turkey, yet we have tailors who can make long lasting clothes around

Very true. Our Jaruo tailors are expert tailors and textile designers but our bonobo government and citizens insist on imports from foreign countries

vile gava ita cheki inventors walipe taxes

Kweli Chifuu. We are doomed upstairs with the love of foreign things

tenderpreneurs in Kenya cannot allow this… but eventually we will …