These inconsistencies point out to issues that are being spoken about by NASA. But you are not supposed to mention them because for some reason, you want a good system. Hizi loopholes zitaleta balaa.

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NASA will be forced to go for an election with Fake register,will be forced to loose election or at most settle for nusu mkate

When RAO makes an allegation, give it time for it to be vindicated. KPMG were a contentious choice because they tend to be engaged in shoddy audits to the highest bidder. Want to tell me these glaring errors were not captured during the audit process?
These are the fruits of all those NYS recruitments of primary and high school kids using the BVR kits. They were meant to affirm these cooked register entries.
Jubilee can’t and won’t win by the clean and clear mandate of the electorate. These are the schemes they are relying on.
Mtu atafute hii ID Number ya marehemu Jacob Juma astaajabu. 10858904

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The circus condinius.

Na ile matusi ilirushwa hapa, wueh. :D:D:D

How do you convince a reasonable person that you are ready to hold a transparent election when this is what turns up on confirmation of registration status?







why dont they

Wueh!! hahaa…

Lemme just say that elections are a central feature of democracy.

Reke gwire! When you hear yule jamaa wa kipindupindu so confidently say hakuna vile mtatutoa uongozini na tumekalia hii kiti sawasawa, these behind the scenes shenanigans were the ones giving him that cockiness. Lets see how it all unfolds

Digital gov kweli kweli.

Hapa Iebc wako shini

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The problems being experienced with online voter verification now are caused by errors in the software(bugs in tech lingo). The case here is that the programmers omitted to carry out data validation.

Hii ingine yote ni porojo


data validation is the process of ensuring that a program operates on clean, correct and useful data. It uses routines, often called “validation rules” “validation constraints” or “check routines”, that check for correctness, meaningfulness, and security of data that are input to the system. The rules may be implemented through the automated facilities of a data dictionary, or by the inclusion of explicit application program validation logic.


fake ODM bloggers


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How many digits does your ID card have? Andika id no kwa karatasi alafu uhesabu.

He he he…sasa naona IEBC wakifutwa even before August. Just a thought, Why don’t we just push elections to let’s say February next year so that all these issues are sorted out. Uhuru has done
4.5 years. He still has 6 months and we can utilise the time to put things in order. Why rush into elections while it’s very clear that one party feels they will be short-changed! The way things are looking hata ikiwa free and fair sioni watu wakikubali!!!

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can you try it and make your argument…its not working

Wacha kujifanya mjuaji and yet unaanika ufala wako hapa.

all this people are talking about is fake[ATTACH=full]108872[/ATTACH]