IEBC Voter Verification

I checked on this rink and I must say someone is really playing a nasty games with our data.

The IT team that did that work should be ashamed of themselves. How do you allow anyone to just punch in numbers then fool us with google captcha to confirm our details. DO it like ectizen does, provide ID Number and First name. @Deorro if you were part of the team then I trust you with my details, kindly secure it. Thank you.

kwani iko chida gani si ukitumbukiza id yako inakupatia details zako kumaanisha ni wewe

[ATTACH=full]111745[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]111746[/ATTACH]

the difference in ID Number is so large for people born on the same month and year, 6419754 guys between them?

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Pressure to deliver ndio inawafanya wafanye ivo…they should have required every kenyan to register online or via e-citizen and allowed only the user to see their own details like e-citizen. Or like KRA where u check PIN and only the name is displayed. But wakenya wakiambiwa wangoje mambo itengenezwe wanaaza kusema IEBC want to help in rigging.