IEBC scraps off periodic announcement of presidential results

Since the courts ruled in favour of constituency results being final, IEBC has re-affirmed it will only announce the final presidential tally. No more staring at the screen with a calculator and rough paper counterchecking everything.


Good move, however people can follow up on the electronic results as transmitted to IEBC. After IEBC does the final tally it will be announced. With the increase of polling stations from 30000 to 45000, the queues will be shorter and vote count will be faster. Theoretical babuon could start his forced retirement in hours.

70%+1 win.



Media MUST and will always provide the provisional results. Its a right, but that’s not to say they’re final or official.

Tunatambua NASA tallying center located 5 million kilometers from earth…It will boom live results from Mashinani…IEBC Can go wank in peace

naskia iebc wamexema hakuna agent ataruhusiwa kuingia na phone na kamera…

Don’t ask me that, ask whoever said that to substantiate it. There are wild tales going around and you can’t keep up with it.

Sarcasm at it’s best

Sheria gani hiyo?

Why should they announce while we’ll all be inside the Anniversary Towers?