I was going through twitter on the ongoings of this select committee mega meeting or something. Can’t make head or tail of these tweets. I can foresee a situation where absurd and unworkable amendments in the name of reforms coming up. Everyone including the churches are throwing in points that if implemented will lead even to more rigging.

…and now unataka tufanye?

…you grow up…

Hii thread yake inahang

Open season for all, some say all staff should go home, some commissioners, some want the name changed as if it actually make sense, some want more “independent” commissioners as if they don’t know what I in IEBC means or independent will mean whatever they say the commission agrees. Don’t worry it wouldn’t happen, you cannot change an independent constitutional body just to fit the whims of a few over the millions. Create independent oversight in electoral system i.e machines, equipment and process so that the results can’t be indisputable. Anyway Sen. Murungi is there so cool heads have to prevail or there is a stalemate and the current IEBC carries on.

Even if reforms in IEBC are carried on, babu and his team will still claim kimeibiwo, with all this imminent defeat. I bet the best thing ni kuacha hawa jamaa
wapige kelele since it a vanity to engage them.

Some Uhuru die hard made a statement that left me is stitches and perplexed at the same time… He said thus,“Hata mkamfanya Raila chairman wa IEBC na mumuache achague commissioners,2017 bado ataloose”…

:D:D:D I somehow agree with them. He lost fair and square and 2017 wembe ni ule ule ata waweke nani

Hii kura itafanyika August 4th, 2017 kweli?