IEBC official register

IEBC Register:
• Mount Kenya - 5.81M
• Rift Valley: 5.34M
• Nyanza – 3, 081, 981
• Ukambani – 1. 6 M
• Nairobi – 2, 505, 199
• Western – 2,296, 696
• Coast – 1, 953, 528
• North Eastern – 866, 006

R[beep] would never be President.


Mzoee rais wenu na mapema

nairobi 2 millions?

get all the way the fuċk outta here!

From the horse’s mouth

The valid numbers are here

You are working on a very high turnout of over 94%. It’s almost impossible.
2017 election which was hotly contested had a turnout of 78%.
Expect the turnout to be worse in Mt Kenya region.

Raila hawezi pata 1.2M RV na 0.9M kwa mlima. The most he can do is 500k RV and 300K central

Ukisema rift valley,understand its not just kalenjins.
Raila will get masaai votes,samburu votes,turkana votes,atleast 40% of pokots,70% of luhyas,kisiis in riftvalley,atleast 40% of kikuyus in riftvalley.

Umeanza kuchoma mapema sana.

My vote is actually in Rift Valley too

There are kalez in Nakuru (2nd biggest), Tranzoia and Bungoma(akina sakaja)

There are Luos ans Luhyas kwa wingi izo area umesema

Which tribe comes second in those counties I’ve mentioned?

Dr. William Ruto rises to become the leader of the great state of Kenya.