IEBC Commissioners Exit in Style

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Like always we never look at the root cause of our troubles.
I don’t think new commissioners will change a lot .
Interference is the obvious problem. If they will be left to be independent it may work.
Look at the anti corruption commission , hakuna tofauti whether they exist or not.
Hakuna major cases solved, no big shots captured.

Enyewe EACC is a childish joke and someone should have disbanded it permanently long time ago. Every chief there is deliberately a thief so that they are inept.

Wacha 2017 ifike majaa hii ni game of musical chairs. From oh political appointees then oh professional recruitment to oh political appointees. Tutacheza ngoma meanwhile the bourgeois loot the coffers

Those guys are damaged goods now thanks to the incessant mudslinging by CORD, if anything they deserve that money and more for the hit their reputations have taken. Hii ndio shida ya the ‘end justifies the means’ approach, people who have not been proven guilty of any offense are hounded out of office just because a politician does not like them, they are gone but they deserve to get paid too.

Kwanza Kinisu is involved in dirty tenders.

No news no suprises. This is kenya.