IEBC: Change all your passwords, office door locks and suspend this dude

The news that IEBC ICT Director has been missing since Friday has gotten me very worried.
Photos then emerged yesterday in social media of his vehicle packed outside some flat in Roysambu.
What I haven’t confirmed is if indeed the guy has been found, and if he is A OK.
Can someone please update me??
If he is, then we start asking ourselves the question: Was this guy in Roysambu all that time?
His SUV must have some car track so it was easy to trace him.
I think there is a cover up.
This guy may have gone somewhere on Friday, gave out all the access password to someone who accessed IEBC database the whole of Saturday as he made himself ‘missing’.
Question is: Alipatia nani access?

Access to do what exactly?

Boss, do you live in this country or you live in Timbuktu?

He couldn’t give out the passwords without going missing? Cockroach thinking.

Let’s first confirm if indeed he is OK then we expound on the conspiracy theory.
I can see the Tusker Cider you took yesterday are still influencing your thinking.

Google ALIBI and then come tell us what you think…

Roysambu is the kisokorokwinyo’s haven. plus there is this>
so let us wait and see. my 2 cents- jamaa aliekewa mchele

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Pombe na wasichana kataa hiyo

The wife to this guy is probably one fed up woman. Playing the card that nature has dealt you. The guy will resurface with a story but not in Roysambu, probably some place like Machakos with failed memory, no recollection whatsoever of anything that happened over the weekend.

ako mambo na threshold mahali wacha pombe iishe kwa mwili aamke awashe simu apate he is the subject of conversation for the whole country.

@uwesmake pia amepotea tangu friday. Coincidence?

But is he OK?

Hiyo nugu ilikuwa hapa jana sijui ni nini ilikuwa inauliza @admin.

Tulisema jamaa alikua akikausha kende

%$#@&%$!! … friend’s hubby died in a car accident on his way from Mombasa,he had called the wife an hour earlier to say he was traveling back from Nanyuki…He had a female companion. Have you ever seen a conflicted woman?! Anger vs pain.

Mbona mnashtuka, guys are known to leave work on Friday and show up on Monday wearinf the same trouser and a different shirt akiwa YOLO

check this out

Probably that is his motto too!

You keep track of him that much? Hapa kuna mambo.

or will pretend to have been mcheled