idiot opens plane door mid air


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Imagine ingekuwa over 30000 feet…hiyo kitu ingeraruka


Crazy fuck

Wange mchapa tuckle moja wazimu na kumrusha nje …


Kwani mlango ya ndege ni kama ya matatu ati ghaseer yoyote inaeza fungua…ama the fucker had some experience with such doors?

Alifungua emergency door na sio the normal door. Normal door pilot ndio anaoperate, emergency door is not connected to the pilot to make escape easier

Captions za social media huwa dramatic labda iling’oka kama zile sliding doors za mat mikebe.

Hii problem haitawai isha, too many stupid people around coupled with airlines giving “how to open the door” instructions to the guys sitting on that row just incase there is an emergency and the stewards cannot get to the door

Kweli @PHARMACY amewahi panda ndege:D:D:D?

If a simple window being blown out is enough to cause explosive decompression sembuse an entire door opening mid-flight? And Kwani how strong was that pax? Why don’t we see any oxygen masks deployed?

If it were true those pax sitting there holding hands, would’ve been emptying their guts out through their mouths and anuses on their long harrowing fall back to earth after being dramatically sucked out of the fuselage. Na the entire inside of the plane would have been so messy you’d think a hurricane just went through.


Hii ni AI generated propaganda created ndani ya base ya jaba

Panda Somalia Airways ujue.

They were close to landing and the air pressure outside and inside was the same. Wacha jaba.

If a plane is preparing to land, that could be any altitude below cruising altitude. I don’t see how anybody can come to the conclusion that, because they were preparing to land, the cabin pressure had equalized.

Two, even if that were the case, anyone who has ever sat inside a speeding car with windows all the way down, knows the kind of disturbance the wind coming in can cause. Now imagine an airliner flying at 250 knots, with a door completely ajar. Yet, these guys are seated holding hands like a cute couple enjoying a 1 knot breeze at the park!

Hio mimi sigwes amini

Search the net, they were just 650ft above the ground

Unajua some people just Fanya wajuaji bure na hakuna kitu wanajua…

I have just perused this Incident Report on an Aviation Website …

It was lucky the idiot accomplished this feat just before the plane landed …
[ … it was on Final approach at an altitude of about 700 feet AGL … ]

I this was at Cruising altitude around 30,000 ft , he would have been sucked out like a poping Champagne Cork …!!!
And the resulting Cabin Decompression could lead to all kinds of really bad outcomes …

I hope they lock up that fool for a long time …

hii ni lawsuit muoto