Idi Amin killed 245 kenyans After the Entebbe Raid Humiliated him .

After idi amin (rest in sh*t) was humiliated by Israel after the latter sneaked into uganda & rescued israeli hostages , he went on a revenge campaign and punished jomo kenyatta (land grabber & traiter) by

  • killing 245 kenyans
  • assassinated his government minister mr mckenzie over ngong’ hills
    -displacing 3000 kenyans and
    -planned to invade kenya
    Apparently , the ugandan army was superior and well equipped by Russia while our poorly trained proud kenyan army was less equipped and had inferior british equipment .

Who were these killed kenyans and why don’t people know this ?


One of them was your brain.


Where were you ?

Am not that old …i stumbled on an article yesterday …that’s all

Not everything you read is true in the world we live in today.
I’m not saying you’re wrong but it feels like this article was written to push a certain story.

but obviously a few kenyans were killed …walitolewa airport ! …where is @gashwin when you need him . Angetuambia hii maneno vizuri .

Was in class four when it happened

so , were kenyans killed or that’s just propaganda …

Amin killed McKenzie - a Kenyan minister, by planting a bomb in his plane. He was also intent on annexing Kenya, but didn’t go through with it.