IDF Bomb Technology

The Israel’s military has been conducting tests of a new weapon , known as “sponge bomb”, a chemical compound that generates foam to seal off openings within Gaza’s underground “terror metro.”

What is a Sponge Bomb…??

The IDF has harnessed chemical technology, introducing a novel arsenal component known as the “Sponge Bombs.”
These innovative devices, developed by the IDF, are not reliant on explosives.

Instead, they generate a remarkable foam explosion, uniquely engineered to seal off tunnel entrances and other openings, thereby thwarting the emergence of enemy fighters.

While the IDF has not confirmed the deployment of these “sponge bombs,” the latest report suggests their potential use in field operations.

There were instances of Israeli soldiers using these devices during simulated exercises conducted in 2021.
These exercises were executed at the Tze’elim Army Base , positioned in the Negev desert close to the volatile Gaza border.

The base is widely recognized for hosting a simulated Palestinian village that includes an underground tunnel system created explicitly to train IDF personnel for ground missions in locations such as Gaza.

The fundamental purpose behind the “sponge bomb” is to enhance the security of Israeli soldiers as they venture deeper into the complex tunnel network.

By effectively sealing off potential openings and passageways that Hamas could exploit for ambushes and attacks, these specialized devices serve as a vital protective measure for advancing troops.

The “sponge bomb” is cleverly designed to match its job. It is kept in a sturdy plastic container with two liquids separated by a metal barrier.

When a soldier gets ready to use it, taking out the metal barrier sets off a chemical reaction. This causes the two liquids to mix quickly and turn into solid foam, sealing off tunnel entrances and making it safer for IDF troops in the tunnels.

However, there is a downside to using the liquid emulsion in the tight tunnels, as it can pose potential hazards, with reports suggesting that some soldiers may have suffered vision impairment due to mishandling.

Meanwhile, plans outlined in an intelligence report have indicated that the Israeli offensive against the underground network will commence with the deployment of bunker-buster Massive Ordnance Penetrator bombs.

However, this initial assault is unlikely to eliminate every hidden Hamas stronghold, necessitating subsequent actions involving the IDF’s specially trained Subterranean Combat Teams.

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