Ideas and advices.

So now, I’ve 3m cash money. Saved money

Kazi imeisha, no business running, no family running, no car.

I want to venture into business world now, esp buying and selling atleast 1 locally used car, done my research and its a viable business as i scale up.

Eg buying a demio 450k maybe then sell 520-550k thereabout. Even if i sell 1 car a month for starts its okay.
Maximum amount for such a venture will be 1.5m.

So my question is should i buy my own car coz of moving around? At how much and any other advice you might have.

Let me assume that you are a mechanic or have someone really good in that otherwise utalilia kwa Choo ama you convert that car to a chicken house.

Following …

I now about car abit.

I’m not buying junk jalopy. Its distress car sales. Even from micro finance repossessed. With this they have done alot of due diligence first…

But you can advise what i should look out for?

Kwani @Azor Ahai hajaona hii thread. I’m sure he can provide you with some insight.

When people ask for advice, they have already made up their mind and are looking for support. The guy has already made up his mind to import cars. Just tell him what he wants to be told ie encourage him.

…Though the business idea sounds good. I don’t think this is the right time to try a new business venture as you are more likely to burn your fingers. Try something you are familiar with, otherwise the tuition fee itakuumiza…

kule USA kuna big business ya buying insurance writeoffs, repair and resell. Sijui kama kuna kitu kama hio huku - but its big potential if you can fix cars ama unajua mechanic mnaeza ingia biz na yeye.

look at websites like

Ni nyingi sana huku kenya pia, Ile msuri ni kununua hizo gari Na kuuza spare parts.

A very good idea but in Kenya ukora ni mingi. Not a very good idea

Look for place which does not have wifi connections and buy bandwidth from liquid and distribute, target 100- 200 clients and you will be good