I want a decent sized 43" - 49" UHD TV non-smart / non-android TV - i intend to get Nvidia Shield. Welcoming suggestions and prices.

@Nyamgondho ndio expert wa tifii

Tv sio kitu ya kuanzisha thread buda, toa peasantry hapa. Ingia shop, pick one story kwisha, they are dity cheap nowadays hauhitaji motivation from online strangers kubuy

Kama huna kitu ya kusema ufunge kuma ghasia.

…and yes i am a peasant. Deal with it.

How does that work?

HDMI output of the Shield to AVR or TV.

TCL ziko mob with izo features zako plus more at a good price. It was the best selling TV online last 2 years.

Here we celebrate every villagers accomplishments. Hatutoshani wote but we have goals to achieve that we feel good when we attain them regardless of whether they are big or small. Shika TV ka sony ama samsung. I remember back then nikiwa fourth year in 2010 nilitamani sana sony bravia 32 inch…[Venye citizen walikuwa wanaleta advert za sony bravia] nakuambia niliichangia, sema kunua vourcher Nakumatt for six months. Hio telly huwa naiona naskia poa. Nilijinyima saidi.

Hisense chief.

Turedio kwom kiasi


We have done alot of threads on tvs here… Just search utapata enough threads by the time you are done with them utakua umepata jawabu… Caution though kama hujui ujanjess ya luthuli avoid it completely

Ghasser kwanza amepost kwa section ya Kunyanduana na Umalaya.

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UHD na non smart haziendani peasant hii. All Ultra High Definition (4K) TVs in the market are also smart TVs

But hio si kama kuweka HEMI engine kwa datsun 1200? Pixels za tv zitaungua :D:D:D

When you can access a TCL tv to read and write files all the way in Zambia.