I'd Tap Aboud Rogo's Widow

… and start a new fetish.

“Jihadi Babe Gets It On All Fours”


For revenge Ama?


what if you find an IED left inside there to keep infidels out?

how will they be rewarded…

Do not disrespect a mother

na ukimaliza ubebee @culture ngodha anusange


So innocent looking…but you can never tell what lies behind those eyes and what caused it.

ok, u thinking u found yourself an old virgin?

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[SIZE=5]Since Rogo became worm food she hasn’t been tapped , hawa coasterians don’t mind back entry pia ! as rogo enjoys his 77 virgins mtu ashugulikie mama watoto ! [/SIZE]

Well, he won’t know whether he’s coming (cumming) or going when it goes off.

She looks like some scary video game character i can’t remember.

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So damn true heshima lazima idumu

Not cool man

I many times do you have to be bullied to know that “GayLord” is the worst name ever?

most of yall thought Bingwa Scrotum is the worst name over

now a brand

y’all lovin me

utawacha umama wewe

bingwa Sawa but scrotum hata huwezi pronounce in public. But naona burukenge ya scrotum would have sounded better on you.

huyu bibi ya terrorist the best tunaeza fanya ni ku mrape .

:D:D:D:Dalafu alipuke during intercourse fap fap fap boom central we have a casualty