I'd love to travel beyond the borders...

Niaje wase…

i think i’ve hit a major milestone in my life.

Ua nacheki differeent countries/places in youtube and I think it’s fascinating.

Sasaaa… I have like 100-150 k nimeamua kuexplore beyond the borders.

What are your experiences? Naeza enda wapi kujinice and to unwind at the close of this financial year?
P.s. sitaki the usual enda mombasa. I need something new. Something fresh and exciting for a few days.

Get the password and you will be anywhere everywhere.
i am a traveller.

Enda dar na flight then ferry to zanzibar then flight to kenya

tembea south sudan uone kama njaruo is a good manager

Are you serious? Do you know that a return ticket to London is more than your 100k?

150k can only afford you 5 days at whitesands Mombasa at 25k per day.


Tafuta pesa. $6000k minimum. Enda Dubai for a one week vacation ukule raha ukufe. Real vacations achia big boys kama mimi who can vacation all over Europe for one month straight. Uko division 20 na bado unataka kucheza premier league?

Anyway, to be honest $1200 can get you a nice vacation within Kenya lakini outside Kenya boss ata hautapata visa na iyo pesa.

you can do UG, TZ, Zanzibar, Rwanda, and low-budget Dubai vacay


Na flight ama gari? Flight to dar huwa between 20k to 40k return…same as to all the African places listed

Look into backpacking. It is a low budget style of tourism popular by wazungu who like to explore the world but not spend much. Travel by bus, sleep in dorms/tents etc will keep your costs low

Anabackpack aende sudan ama? Hizo ni terms ya Europe buda…unaenda na bus unalipuliwa moyale…dorm ata ni concept of living kenya?

Maybe you should have done just a bit of research yourself before rushing to comment. I have first hand experience

Haiya tuambie how you did it and where you went

Ethiopia by road and explore Addis, Lolibela, Shashamane… Use public transport and overnight in BnBs.
Check TripAdvisor for sample itineraries offered by local tour operators, then create a bespoke itinerary that suits your budget and interests.
Set aside 20 and 30 percent of your budget for emergencies.

Hii yako ni overkill. Tembea Rwanda na Burundi, ingia huko Drc sample vienyenji za huko, pia Uganda na Tz. Tumia basi ujisample vienyenji

Tafuta visa free countries

Instead of dorms anaweza jaribu low budget bnbs

This one is not planning those European or American trips. with 150K he can even go to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Rwanda, or Zanzibar on a budget trip. These are countries he can access by road/public transport

Enda Thailand ujaribu mkia ya ladyboy

Enda Kampala, it is more exciting if you go by road, sample the Waganda yellow yellows, utabaki na change.