which offices are this damn documents processed? took mine to the dc offices in westy for changes and those guys have been taking me in circles two months now …tried sending the sms to 20031 and i keep getting the message …its still in the production…billionares patieni peasant way forward…navigating this streets without it is costly…

Huduma centre ni ya nini?

vile @wheelz amesema.are u in kenya kweli if i may ask.unaenda kwa dc kufanya nini.nkt

huduma centres dont deal with changing details kwa id

so juu wewe ni mkenya halisi mbona hujui kuna cases huduma haihandle?

wacha panganga wewe.@marie mata unaitwa huku usaidie hii mtu

I thot DCs were disbanded once we moved to the new constitution, ama naona zangu?

You wanna change from male to shemale?

How did we move to the new constitution?? [ATTACH=full]48530[/ATTACH]

What kind of changes do u want to do. Some changes are known to take years especially if they involve getting old archieved information

mine was to change the date of birth…when I lost my first id when renewing there was a mistake when printing my new one on the date and month so it always bought issues with my other documents…

That one is easy if u attached a copy of birth cert. My contact tells me there is a problem with materials and that’s why the delay.

What if one wants to change the place of birth? Is this an easy change? My bro was born in Lamu but coz he schooled in Mombasa his ID reads Mombasa as his place of birth…

He needs to apply for change of civil status with his birth cert as proof of where he was born. It takes a bit of time but not much. The earlier he applies the better

now that explains it was wondering because they had told me to wait max 1 month…and if push comes to shove could your contact help with my process

Such changes becomes difficult if the birth cert was not acquired immediately after birth. This is coz some appointments in the disciplined forces and teaching are given, allocated on quota basis.

Sure if u need help no problem.

i most likely know you …but if i contact you my cover on here will be blown …my personality here does not allow myself to be known

just know i know you

Sawa thanks will inbox you…